New to me…

Good Morning!

Today I took a new to me workout class at BEYOND pedaling in Snider Plaza!!


6 a.m. SPIN with one of my best friends, Baxter!

I really, really enjoyed it! I was sweating like crazy and the end and now my legs feel like jello.

I forget how amazing it feels to have your workout done by 7 a.m. Such a great way to get the day started.

Stay tuned for more about it in my newspaper article tomorrow…

This week is so crazy. Have a Happy Tuesday!


What I am looking forward to this weekend….

Good morning!!

Happy FRrRrrRRRiday! I get entirely too excited about the weekend. As soon as 11:00am hits I will be even happier.

I have absolutely NO plans this weekend and could not be more thrilled. Here is what I am hoping my weekend consists of…

Question for today: Do you have fun weekend plans (TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!) or are you planning on relaxing too?!

WIAW {Actually Thursday}

Hi everyone!

It is time for another WIAW post except for this time I am posting from my eats today!

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week (which is why I have been a little MIA) and ending up going to bed at 7:45 pm last nigh (with the help of NyQuil, naturally). I also forgot to take pictures of my breakfast and dinner so I decided I would postpone it until today.

I woke up feeling a tad better but was even feeling BETTER when I saw that oatmeal pancakes were on the menu for today. This is by far my favorite breakfast at the KKG house.

Needless to say, I ordered two right up and topped them with a little PB2 , half a banana and some sugar free syrup! I also enjoyed some fresh fruit on the side to add a little more color to my meal.

Around 10:45 I was starving again and had a little snack of some pirate’s booty popcorn during class.

Since my Tuesday and Thursday classes go through lunch, I decided to pack a lunch today so I would not get back to the house ravenous and eat everything in sight.

In between my classes I enjoyed a whole wheat wrap with turkey, spinach and honey mustard.

I had carrots on the side and of COURSE packed a little Hershey’s dark chocolate nugget with almond to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Does anyone else feel like you always just HAVE to have some kind of dessert after you eat? Usually a square or two of dark chocolate does the trick for me.

I came home and did a little homework and decided it might make me feel better to get my blood flowing so I popped in Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown. I actually really like this DVD and for only 30 minutes, you get in a pretty good little workout I must say. 30 minutes is better than zero, right?

After my quick little workout, I headed to a meeting and grabbed an apple on my way out the door.

Then I went to visit my godmother Kate who just had knee surgery. On the way, I picked up our FAVORITE cakeballs from Creme de la Cookie in Snider Plaza. YUM 🙂 I was so proud of myself for holding off from eating them since I knew I was fixing to eat a yummy dinner! I am famous for ruining my dinner with sweets 😉

When I got back from Kate’s all I could smell was the delicious chicken pot pie that was coming out of the oven. It was the perfect comfort food since I am not feeling so well. I also enjoyed a huge helping of spinach salad and collard greens. I went back for seconds the same size as my firsts 🙂

As soon as I finished dinner, my sweet tooth kicked in yet again and since I am not one to restrict myself from eating what I want, I headed to the mini kitchen to get leftovers from today’s lunch dessert. Oreo Pudding… I dont know why it looks like such a small portion because it definitely was not and I definitely went back for more!!


(our house mom uses sugar free chocolate pudding, reduced fat oreos and fat free whip cream… okay I KNOW that something being “fat free” does NOT mean it is better for you and it has tons of added ingredients… but I just thought I would share!)


Now I am finally in bed, I am so excited!!

I promise I am going to be better about posting from now on.

See you in the morning!! Have a great night.


Oh, Parker asked to be featured on the Blog today. I guess you get what you ask for, right? 🙂

Disclaimer: He does NOT have a mohawk or get spray tans… he just goes uhm… all out for a theme I guess you could say? 

To Scott

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great night of sleep. Mine on the other hand was not so good.

I found out at 1:30 am that a dear friend and old high school coach (not my coach but several of my friends) passed away last night. My heart felt so heavy for the Branning family last night.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts today as I know today is not going to be an easy one at my old high school.

I wish I could think of how to describe Scott, but I can’t. He was always making everyone laugh and every time I saw him or would pass him in the hall, he always found something nice to say to me or bring a smile to my face.

So many people will miss him and the joy that he brought to their lives.

I have peace knowing that he is in Heaven and all of the students who crossed paths with Scott at JA have a forever guardian angel.

Please keep the Branning family in your prayers.


MIA and I am not a photographer

Hi everyone!!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry I have been MIA since Saturday morning.

I had such a fun filled jam packed weekend and just now am having time to sit down at my computer!


Where was I?

Well, when I left you I was going to pick up my little sister and grandmother at the airport. Since it was right around lunch time, we headed to Patrizios in Highland Park Village. I absolutely love Patrizios and I never have a bad meal there.

This time I stuck with the chopped chicken salad. It was incredible! And of course I had a piece of the warm dark raisin brain with home made butter and hot tea :).

After we had lunch, we went shopping for a little bit and had a little afternoon coffee while my grandmother waited for her room at the Crescent Hotel. The Crescent is a beautiful hotel and the service is even more unbelievable.

Rebecca and I headed back to my place to get ready for the night and met back up with Judy for an early dinner at The Capital Grille.

I normally would have ordered a steak but I was really in the mood for chicken. I decided to get the roasted chicken and when they brought it out I was like “there is no way I can eat both of those huge pieces.”

I did. I ate every last bite. So delicious. We also had some lobster mac n’ cheese, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes on the side.

For those of you reading this who do not know me, my favorite thing in the world is a dessert. Parker always jokes and says I would rather eat an entire chocolate cake for the rest of my life than a full meal 😉 there may be some truth to that.

We had the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. It was so rich and perfect!

As soon as dinner was over, we headed to the Winspear Opera House in the Dallas Arts District to see the American Ballet Theater perform. They were incredible and I loved every minute of it.

After the ballet, Becca and I dropped Ju Ju off at the hotel and she went with me to our Bid Night Party with Fiji. I totally forgot to take pictures. Oops. But, she had a blast getting to meet all of my sweet friends. Maybe now she will consider coming to SMU 😉

Sunday morning, we met up with my grandmother for lunch at a place called Rise. It has been rated as one of Laura Bush’s favorite Dallas restaurants.

It was amazing and such a precious atmosphere. I have never had a souffle for my meal and that is their signature dish. They have a variety of options and I went with the Truffle Infused Mushroom souffle. It. was. amazing.

Oh, and let’s not forget the warm bread I scarfed down as soon as it got to our table. Yum 🙂

For dessert we shared the chocolate souffle with warm chocolate sauce and the pecan praline one.

I dropped them off at the mall after lunch because I had a few meetings and met back up with them a little later to see the movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

It was really sad but so good. The little boy in the movie was an incredible actor. It made me appreciate my family and especially my daddy so much. I forget how lucky I am.

Last night I spent the night in the hotel with them. The bed was so comfy and I was not really looking forward to getting back into a routine today. Ugh. I had breakfast in bed (egg white, toast, turkey bacon, fruit) and thought if I had my breakfast delivered to me in bed every day, I might be the happiest girl in the world.


Just finished a P90X DVD and am enjoying a warm bowl of turkey chili (it is FREEZING OUTSIDE!!) and a side of fruit. After my over indulging weekend, it is time to get back on track. (My most recent blog post for The Daily Campus)

I am SO sorry for the lack of pictures I took this weekend. I was actually really mad at myself because there is more I wanted to share with you all. I will be much better about this now!

Off to tackle all of my homework and reading I put off!

Happy Monday. Have a great week!

My Favorite Day of the Week

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday. It is my favorite day of the week.

Does anyone else love Saturdays as much as I do?

I love to wake up early, catch up on reading blogs, do whatever kind of workout I am in the mood for and then just relax the rest of the day. Haha I am SUCH an old soul.

I had a really fun night last night and will fill you in later.

I am off to finish my article for Tuesday’s paper and get in a quick workout before I pick up my sister and grandmother from the airport.

Have a great day!!


It’s Friday, Fridayyyyyy!

Good morning everyone and TGIF!

First things first, lets back up to yesterday.

Seeing as though I did a post on my two fashion obsessions, Olivia and Rachel, it was fitting because I actually went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see a fashion exhibit with my broadcast journalism class:

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

I was in awe throughout the entire exhibit. It was really incredible. If you have a chance it will be at the DMA until February 12th, and I encourage you to go. You do not want to miss it!

Recognize these perfume bottles? Yep. There are my new BFF Jean Paul’s collection.

Why did a broadcast class go to a fashion exhibit you might be wondering? Well, our professor is truly incredible and always encourages us to think outside of the box.

The point was to really soak everything in and think about the clothes beyond just “fashion.”

Every outfit has a story, and every person wearing that outfit has a story behind it. Pretty cool if you think about it.

In the near future, I will post more about my thoughts on the exhibit but have to wait until I get my official assignment from the fashion and culture class I am in this semester (I am a fashion media minor).

Once I left the museum, I immediately walked into my best friends who were ready to go out 🙂

A couple of us went to grab drinks at our favorite little mexican spot, Banditos in Snider Plaza. and then quickly hurried to the bar where we met up with all of our new baby Kappas.

We had a mixer with Pike and it was a blast! So good to see everyone.

I was clearly in the mood for beer.



I had a 9 am class this morning which is such a bummer since I did not have class on Fridays last semester but oh well. In between my two classes, I went to grab a Starbucks and found out my 10 am was canceled.

YAY!! I have a few things to cross off of my to do list and am going on a walk with my big! Can’t wait. It is beautiful outside.

Speaking of my big… I am going to share a picture with you all of my precious Kappa family that I love so much! We are all 3 so close and I am so lucky to have them. They are such an important part of my life so expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Me, Morgan, and Mary Kathryn

I am so happy it is FINALLY the weekend! Tomorrow my grandmother and little sister Rebecca are coming to visit me. I am looking so forward to seeing them.


I will keep you updated on what all we do this weekend 🙂 it is going to be a great one.

Happy Friday!!

Olivia and Rachel

Good morning everyone!

Hopefully you had the chance to check out my first WIAW post!

This morning came super early as my alarm was blaring at 4:40. Lovely. The Daily Update was a success this morning and fun to meet all of the new faces who will be joining us from various journalism classes this semester.

Since I have been posting on food and fitness, it is time to share my other love to all of you, FASHION.

Okay, I have a confession. I have the two biggest girl crushes in the whole world. Olivia and Rachel. Enough said.

They are style ICONS. If I could dress/ look like either one of them… I might be a happier person 🙂 (just kidding, sort of).

Not to mention, I am in LOVE with their “picks” on PiperLime. So cute and so many relatively inexpensive things.

Their styles are so similar and they are both just absolutely flawless.
Happy Thursday 🙂

My First WIAW: {What I Ate Wednesday}

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful, happy Wednesday! Only two days left in the week!! WAHOO!

Ever since I have been obsessed with reading blogs, one of my most favorite things is WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) started by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.
Here is a day in the life of my eats 🙂


Breakfast: Cereal Combo (Kashi Go Lean, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Peanut Butter Puffins, Oatmeal Squares, half of a banana) and COFFEEEEEE, naturally. 

This is my favorite breakfast!! I go through phases with breakfasts and one week only want eggs, the next week only want smoothies, the next week only want cereal. But a good cereal combo never fails to satisfy my taste buds and it keeps me full for hours!

Lunch: I was craving a turkey sandwich! The second I walked into the house from class I made a turkey wrap with a low-carb wheat wrap, turkey, spinach, sundried tomato laughing cow cheese, and a tiny bit of mustard and honey mustard. On the side I had a clementine and strawberries. So yummy and colorful 🙂 

Snack 1: A little over an hour after lunch, I was hungry again so I had an Activia on my way out the door to run errands.

Snack 2: I had planned on going to work out after running errands, but I was absolutely starving, and sticking to what I said in my post yesterday, I decided to put some fuel in my system with a half banana and pb (a snack that never fails me).

Workout: I ran today! FINALLY! Since starting P90X, it has been almost 6 weeks since my last run. I did 4.8 miles and felt so good afterwards. I forget how much I love running outside and it was absolutely beautiful out today so I knew I had to go! When I got home I did a quick Ab Ripper X (part of P90x) and was so ready for dinner.

Dinner: Tonight at KKG we had roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, and a really warm, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower casserole. I also added a side of spinach leaves to get in some veggies with a little more substance (but forgot to take a pic). Needless to say, it was delicious and such a comforting meal– I went back for seconds of course!

Dessert: I had a tiny bit of the apple pie and ice cream but decided that I was more in the mood for chocolate, so I had a sugarfree Jello pudding. Much better. But I naturally ate it before I could even get my camera out.

Speaking of cameras, I am not a photographer. I honestly do not really enjoy taking pictures like some people who really love to do it. But I like taking pictures of FOOD because I love it so much. SO, sorry about the poor quality iPhone pics. Oh well!


I’m off to the journalism school 🙂 I am producing the show tomorrow morning. Hopefully it wont be too long of a night!

Have a great night!! See you tomorrow!

PS…. Here is the article on The Daily Campus I wrote for today’s newspaper issue that I said I would share with you all. It is about beginning your lifelong journey of health in 2012. Check it out!

Cardio Crimes

As I was reading through my daily blogs…. I came across this particular post on FitSugar about common cardio mistakes we make.

I thought this would be something great to share with you all because I find myself doing all of these :):

1. Running every day. I know it is best to mix up my cardio routine but I honestly hate spin, hate the eliptical, getting in and out of the pool to swim everyday is just annoying and too time consuming. I need to make it a new goal to get in a variety of cardio. For the past few weeks I have been doing plyometrics and kickboxing which I really enjoy but it doesn’t give the same “high” as running does.

2. Skipping the Warm-up.  I never ever, ever, ever do a warm up unless I am doing a DVD and they warm up at the beginning. I KNOW it is awful.

3. Exercising on an empty stomach. I do this all the time if I work out in the mornings. I need to make a point to eat atleast a banana and pb for some more energy because I find myself feeling famished by the end.

4. Stretching before cardio.  I actually usually do stretch before, but research shows it is best to save it for after to prevent pulling anything.

5. Walking with weights. I used to do this but do not really anymore since I have started strength training on my own. MOM– if you are reading this– quit walking with weights!! You look crazy and you are straining your muscles!

6. Exercising in Old Sneakers. I am the absolute worst, worst, worst ever about this!!!!!!!!! I am such a cheap, frugal wad. However, since I use my tennis shoes every single day, I need to toss them after a few months.

7. Not Mixing up your Pace. I have gotten better about this one. I actually love doing intervals for several reasons but the main one is because I can get a really quick sweaty workout in and feel like I had an amazing, tough one.

Lately, I have been doing P90x, I really like it and am determined to finish it. I am on the second phase week 2. However, I am getting a little bored and kinda want to add a little bit more cardio in to keep me sane.

What do I mean by sane? As much as I KNOW how awesome strength training is, cardio is what puts me in a happy mood and gets my endorphins flowing. Since doing P90x, I have only gone on probably 5 runs. And the cardio that I do is plyometrics and kenpo (a form of cardio kickboxing).

BUT for me personally, I HAVE TO RUN!! I am going to try (without overdoing it!!!!) to maybe switch out a few days with some long runs or intervals. I miss my dates with the pavement.

Have a good night!!!!!! See you tomorrow 🙂