Cardio Crimes

As I was reading through my daily blogs…. I came across this particular post on FitSugar about common cardio mistakes we make.

I thought this would be something great to share with you all because I find myself doing all of these :):

1. Running every day. I know it is best to mix up my cardio routine but I honestly hate spin, hate the eliptical, getting in and out of the pool to swim everyday is just annoying and too time consuming. I need to make it a new goal to get in a variety of cardio. For the past few weeks I have been doing plyometrics and kickboxing which I really enjoy but it doesn’t give the same “high” as running does.

2. Skipping the Warm-up.  I never ever, ever, ever do a warm up unless I am doing a DVD and they warm up at the beginning. I KNOW it is awful.

3. Exercising on an empty stomach. I do this all the time if I work out in the mornings. I need to make a point to eat atleast a banana and pb for some more energy because I find myself feeling famished by the end.

4. Stretching before cardio.  I actually usually do stretch before, but research shows it is best to save it for after to prevent pulling anything.

5. Walking with weights. I used to do this but do not really anymore since I have started strength training on my own. MOM– if you are reading this– quit walking with weights!! You look crazy and you are straining your muscles!

6. Exercising in Old Sneakers. I am the absolute worst, worst, worst ever about this!!!!!!!!! I am such a cheap, frugal wad. However, since I use my tennis shoes every single day, I need to toss them after a few months.

7. Not Mixing up your Pace. I have gotten better about this one. I actually love doing intervals for several reasons but the main one is because I can get a really quick sweaty workout in and feel like I had an amazing, tough one.

Lately, I have been doing P90x, I really like it and am determined to finish it. I am on the second phase week 2. However, I am getting a little bored and kinda want to add a little bit more cardio in to keep me sane.

What do I mean by sane? As much as I KNOW how awesome strength training is, cardio is what puts me in a happy mood and gets my endorphins flowing. Since doing P90x, I have only gone on probably 5 runs. And the cardio that I do is plyometrics and kenpo (a form of cardio kickboxing).

BUT for me personally, I HAVE TO RUN!! I am going to try (without overdoing it!!!!) to maybe switch out a few days with some long runs or intervals. I miss my dates with the pavement.

Have a good night!!!!!! See you tomorrow 🙂


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