Olivia and Rachel

Good morning everyone!

Hopefully you had the chance to check out my first WIAW post!

This morning came super early as my alarm was blaring at 4:40. Lovely. The Daily Update was a success this morning and fun to meet all of the new faces who will be joining us from various journalism classes this semester.

Since I have been posting on food and fitness, it is time to share my other love to all of you, FASHION.

Okay, I have a confession. I have the two biggest girl crushes in the whole world. Olivia and Rachel. Enough said.

They are style ICONS. If I could dress/ look like either one of them… I might be a happier person 🙂 (just kidding, sort of).

Not to mention, I am in LOVE with their “picks” on PiperLime. So cute and so many relatively inexpensive things.

Their styles are so similar and they are both just absolutely flawless.
Happy Thursday 🙂

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