MIA and I am not a photographer

Hi everyone!!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry I have been MIA since Saturday morning.

I had such a fun filled jam packed weekend and just now am having time to sit down at my computer!


Where was I?

Well, when I left you I was going to pick up my little sister and grandmother at the airport. Since it was right around lunch time, we headed to Patrizios in Highland Park Village. I absolutely love Patrizios and I never have a bad meal there.

This time I stuck with the chopped chicken salad. It was incredible! And of course I had a piece of the warm dark raisin brain with home made butter and hot tea :).

After we had lunch, we went shopping for a little bit and had a little afternoon coffee while my grandmother waited for her room at the Crescent Hotel. The Crescent is a beautiful hotel and the service is even more unbelievable.

Rebecca and I headed back to my place to get ready for the night and met back up with Judy for an early dinner at The Capital Grille.

I normally would have ordered a steak but I was really in the mood for chicken. I decided to get the roasted chicken and when they brought it out I was like “there is no way I can eat both of those huge pieces.”

I did. I ate every last bite. So delicious. We also had some lobster mac n’ cheese, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes on the side.

For those of you reading this who do not know me, my favorite thing in the world is a dessert. Parker always jokes and says I would rather eat an entire chocolate cake for the rest of my life than a full meal 😉 there may be some truth to that.

We had the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. It was so rich and perfect!

As soon as dinner was over, we headed to the Winspear Opera House in the Dallas Arts District to see the American Ballet Theater perform. They were incredible and I loved every minute of it.

After the ballet, Becca and I dropped Ju Ju off at the hotel and she went with me to our Bid Night Party with Fiji. I totally forgot to take pictures. Oops. But, she had a blast getting to meet all of my sweet friends. Maybe now she will consider coming to SMU 😉

Sunday morning, we met up with my grandmother for lunch at a place called Rise. It has been rated as one of Laura Bush’s favorite Dallas restaurants.

It was amazing and such a precious atmosphere. I have never had a souffle for my meal and that is their signature dish. They have a variety of options and I went with the Truffle Infused Mushroom souffle. It. was. amazing.

Oh, and let’s not forget the warm bread I scarfed down as soon as it got to our table. Yum 🙂

For dessert we shared the chocolate souffle with warm chocolate sauce and the pecan praline one.

I dropped them off at the mall after lunch because I had a few meetings and met back up with them a little later to see the movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

It was really sad but so good. The little boy in the movie was an incredible actor. It made me appreciate my family and especially my daddy so much. I forget how lucky I am.

Last night I spent the night in the hotel with them. The bed was so comfy and I was not really looking forward to getting back into a routine today. Ugh. I had breakfast in bed (egg white, toast, turkey bacon, fruit) and thought if I had my breakfast delivered to me in bed every day, I might be the happiest girl in the world.


Just finished a P90X DVD and am enjoying a warm bowl of turkey chili (it is FREEZING OUTSIDE!!) and a side of fruit. After my over indulging weekend, it is time to get back on track. (My most recent blog post for The Daily Campus)

I am SO sorry for the lack of pictures I took this weekend. I was actually really mad at myself because there is more I wanted to share with you all. I will be much better about this now!

Off to tackle all of my homework and reading I put off!

Happy Monday. Have a great week!


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