WIAW {Actually Thursday}

Hi everyone!

It is time for another WIAW post except for this time I am posting from my eats today!

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week (which is why I have been a little MIA) and ending up going to bed at 7:45 pm last nigh (with the help of NyQuil, naturally). I also forgot to take pictures of my breakfast and dinner so I decided I would postpone it until today.

I woke up feeling a tad better but was even feeling BETTER when I saw that oatmeal pancakes were on the menu for today. This is by far my favorite breakfast at the KKG house.

Needless to say, I ordered two right up and topped them with a little PB2 , half a banana and some sugar free syrup! I also enjoyed some fresh fruit on the side to add a little more color to my meal.

Around 10:45 I was starving again and had a little snack of some pirate’s booty popcorn during class.

Since my Tuesday and Thursday classes go through lunch, I decided to pack a lunch today so I would not get back to the house ravenous and eat everything in sight.

In between my classes I enjoyed a whole wheat wrap with turkey, spinach and honey mustard.

I had carrots on the side and of COURSE packed a little Hershey’s dark chocolate nugget with almond to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Does anyone else feel like you always just HAVE to have some kind of dessert after you eat? Usually a square or two of dark chocolate does the trick for me.

I came home and did a little homework and decided it might make me feel better to get my blood flowing so I popped in Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown. I actually really like this DVD and for only 30 minutes, you get in a pretty good little workout I must say. 30 minutes is better than zero, right?

After my quick little workout, I headed to a meeting and grabbed an apple on my way out the door.

Then I went to visit my godmother Kate who just had knee surgery. On the way, I picked up our FAVORITE cakeballs from Creme de la Cookie in Snider Plaza. YUM 🙂 I was so proud of myself for holding off from eating them since I knew I was fixing to eat a yummy dinner! I am famous for ruining my dinner with sweets 😉

When I got back from Kate’s all I could smell was the delicious chicken pot pie that was coming out of the oven. It was the perfect comfort food since I am not feeling so well. I also enjoyed a huge helping of spinach salad and collard greens. I went back for seconds the same size as my firsts 🙂

As soon as I finished dinner, my sweet tooth kicked in yet again and since I am not one to restrict myself from eating what I want, I headed to the mini kitchen to get leftovers from today’s lunch dessert. Oreo Pudding… I dont know why it looks like such a small portion because it definitely was not and I definitely went back for more!!


(our house mom uses sugar free chocolate pudding, reduced fat oreos and fat free whip cream… okay I KNOW that something being “fat free” does NOT mean it is better for you and it has tons of added ingredients… but I just thought I would share!)


Now I am finally in bed, I am so excited!!

I promise I am going to be better about posting from now on.

See you in the morning!! Have a great night.


Oh, Parker asked to be featured on the Blog today. I guess you get what you ask for, right? 🙂

Disclaimer: He does NOT have a mohawk or get spray tans… he just goes uhm… all out for a theme I guess you could say? 


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