Hello everyone!

Hope you have had a fabulous Tuesday!! Mine has been busy, busy and it just hit me how much I have due before Spring Break.

Sooo…I have had this on my mind for the past two days… and I really want to share it with yall!

You know when something really exciting happens to you? And maybe to someone else it may not be that exciting or that big of a deal BUT when that someone else loves you so much that they get more excited for you than you get for yourself?

Well, after this weekend with P, I was hesitant to talk about it because I did not want anyone to think it was weird and I was not sure if they would understand. BUT, I KNEW if I did not tell my best friends they would actually kill me so I decided to tell everyone and almost immediately my phone blew up!

Everyone was texting me, calling me, basically completely freaking out. Most of them were at the Ice House and were crying they were so happy for me. They were sending me pictures of themselves crying (haha!!) and just saying the cutest things.

Not only were they saying they were so happy for me, but they were saying how happy they were for Parker as well. This meant so much to me because Parker doesn’t go to school with us and they have all taken the time to try to get to know him and know all about him because he is obviously a really important part of my life.

This is obviously not the first time my friends have been there for me but for some reason it really made me realize just HOW LUCKY I am to be surrounded by so many people in my life who are so genuinely happy for me and truly want the best for me.

They went and told everyone else and I had so many people asking me about it and saying the sweetest things and how excited they were for us. I know this might sound silly but take a small situation like this, that was only a big deal to me, and the reaction I got from all of my best friends, I might as well have told them that I just won a gazillion dollar lottery.

To my best friends, you know who you are- I am so lucky to have ya’ll in my life! I can not imagine what I would do without each of you and thank you for always being there for me. I think the best thing about all of my friends is that we are all so supportive of whatever is going on in one another’s lives.

I have also had so many people from home who have been so sweet and have been texting both P and I and it just really means so much to us both. The fact that everyone cares so much has shown us how blessed we are to have so many wonderful people in our lives who will always have our best interest at heart.

These past few days have truly made me realize that I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS I could ever ask for!

I love every single one of you so much!!


Back to normal un-gooby posting tomorrow I PROMISE!!!!! 🙂


Dropped in Nola

Hello everyone!

Hope ya’ll had a great Monday! Mondays are always kind of my get your entire life together day. BUT I wanted to make sure I told you the news I was talking about earlier…

This weekend in Nola after out date on Friday night, Parker and I went to get a glass of wine and went on a walk in Jackson Square. We were just walking and talking and he started saying the SWEETEST things about our future together and how he can not wait to spend the rest of his life with me…it was so sweet and not gooby at all… I like started crying per usual and then he pulled out a little box.

OKAY sorry… it is not what you are thinking (I thought the same thing and semi freaked out) but he gave me a Sigma Chi drop. How old fashioned and precious is this!!

I was so shocked! I have heard about this from my grandparents and my parents from when they were in college because everyone used to “pin” the girl they were going to be engaged too soon, but now it is such a rare thing and people only do it if they have been dating forever and are really serious.

I had absolutely no idea he was going to do this! It was so, so sweet and one of the best 10 minutes of my life. I immediately called my parents after and we were all like freaking out and screaming!

I really am so lucky and feel so special that P did this for me. Sometimes when you date someone for so long everything seems to fall into a “comfort zone” but this really took me by complete surprise.

When will we be engaged? Good question 😉 I have absolutely no idea. Not for another year or so BUT something I do kind of want to share because I think sometimes it gets misconstrued… I honestly am not at all consumed with the idea of “getting married.”

You could tell me that I could not have the wedding of my dreams but I could spend the rest of my life with P and I honestly would not care. I do not at all sit here all day every day and dream of getting married. While I can NOT wait for all of the festivities and to be someone’s WIFE (OMG) I fully know it is just about me and him. The last thing I want to do is to get married and “play house.”

I know we still have a few years to go but I feel like so many people my age (especially being from the south)  get so caught up with the idea of a marriage and I really do not feel like that is the case for us.

Parker and I both have never held the other one back from anything. He has never asked me to give up one thing for him and I think that is why we are still together (and kind of obsessed!!). He lets me be me and I let him be him and it just works for us. He makes me want to be a better person and even during times when I am SO ready to just give up, he pushes me to keep going. He literally is my rock and I can not imagine who I would be today without him.

I still have a LOT of maturing and growing to do in the next year to prepare my heart not to be selfish and it is something I am really going to work on because when the time does actually come for us to be engaged, I want to be able to fully commit myself to a TWO way street (even though P is probably thinking in his head that in my world it is never going to be a two way street 😉 ).

Best weekend ever- I was so excited to share my news with yall! SORRY for all of the goobiness but it was completely necessary!

Have a great night and I will see ya tomorrow!!

The Big Easy

Happy Monday!

I had every single intention of posting this weekend but ya know… oops.

Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was so much fun. If you did not know, I was in New Orleans for the weekend with Parker. We both love going there (we want to live there) and it was such a nice little escape and fun change of scenery.

Since I never remember to take pictures, I will just fill you in with a little recap and show you as many pics as possible 😉

Kate and I got in late Thursday night and went straight to bed. We are like two little peas in a pod and could not wait to get some much needed rest.

Friday morning we woke up and walked to Cafe Du Monde. I know I am a freak, but ya’ll, I do NOT like beignets. However, the coffee there is like heaven in a cup so I made sure to order a Cafe Au Lait right up.

How cute and hilarious!!

The rest of the morning we just walked around and I got in a quick 30 minute interval run/incline walk workout before getting ready for the day. Parker came around noon and we went straight to The Gumbo Shop, his favorite place to eat in the world (which is saying a lot because we LOVE to eat).I ordered a cup of seafood gumbo and had a loaf  side of warm french bread and butta. For my meal, I ordered a shrimp salad and it was delicious!

After lunch we just walked around Bourbon and ended up sitting at The Beach for a little while for their 3 for 1 special 🙂 I wish I could say I am a really fun day drinker, but I am not at all. I try really, really hard haha but I could not even finish a whole beer. Oh well!

That night Parker and I went to eat at The Red Fish Grille. It was so good and was a really fun atmosphere. Like I said, we loovveee to eat and try new places and we had heard really great things about this place. We started with some kind of creamy crawfish bread and ceaser salad and then for my entree I stuck with something simple, honey dijon chicken and asparagus (unpictured UGH). Uhm, little did I know (this NEVER happens to me) my meal stole the show. Parker was super impressed and naturally ate over 1/2 of it. But it really was amazing!

The next morning we slept in and met some of his friends for breakfast at a little place attached to the hotel called Luke. It was a cute atmosphere and our food was pretty good.I stuck with egg whites, multi grain toast and fruit! I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I wanted to eat a fairly healthy breakfast and did a 20 interval min run at the hotel (does anyone else HATE hotel gyms??) before getting ready for the day!

We went to lunch at Felix’s and I had the best grilled shrimp po-boy I have ever had in my life and ate all half of P’s order of fries.

The rest of the day was spent going to different bars on Bourbon! It was such a fun day!

We came back and got ready for the formal that night and went to eat at Tomas Bistro because it was really close to where the formal was. I am not going to lie, I was not impressed at all with the food and everyone else agreed. It was a very nice resturaunt and the atmosphere was awesome but the service and the food did not do it for me. Oh well, at least our bottle of wine was amazing 😉

We danced our little hearts out at the formal and had a blast. One of the cutest girls in the world, Meredith Sledge, got Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and I could not be happier for her! Her boyfriend is one of P’s best friends and we literally just adore being around them and hanging out with them!! They are the cutest couple EVER!

After the formal we had every intention of going back out after. We came back to change and I fell asleep oops!!! I am such a grandma and can not hang- sorry P!

It seriously was one of the best weekends of my life and I never wanted it to end!


Sorry this post was so long but I just wanted to fill yall in on everything. BUT- this is not everything! Stay tuned for the BEST part of this weekend coming tonight….!!

I am definitely exhausted today and ate my FAIR share of comfort food to cure my stomach and head ache yesterday and need to get back on track ASAP.

I am planning on going to sweat my little heart out at Bikram after class. I am sure it will be a rough class, but much needed.

Have a great day!! See you later today for some fun news!

Ready to GO!

Good morning!

Happy Thirsty Thursday 🙂 In case you missed it… I paid tribute to my favorite drink last night in honor of the holiday (don’t worry I would never forget it!). I get this love from my dad.

I decided to hold off from chugging the margs last night because well, that is obviously not part of my challenge, BUT I also had a workout class to attend realearnly this morning.

Speaking of that workout class, I tried something brand new. Since I am leaving to go out of town today I knew that I would not have time to fit in a workout unless I just got up and did it. If you remember, I did a Pilates class a few weeks ago at this same studio, BPM.

This morning I went to the Bootcamp Barre Class. For all of you Pure Bar lovers, it has a lot of Barre movements mixed in with a ton of cardio and a few other things. Let’s just say I was NOT expecting to get my butt kicked. And I got my butt KICKED, literally.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Wow. It was that hard. But, it feels so good to have my workout for the day behind me so I can pack up a few last minute things and head out as soon as my 12:30 class is over.

Can anyone guess where I am going this weekend? Yesterday, I told you that it would be a weekend filled with treats and beverages…

Yep, Nola. One of my most favorite places in the entire world! Parker has a formal weekend there with Sigma Chi. I am so excited to spend time with him and some of his friends!

AND my sweet godmother offered to ride with me down there and is also staying for the weekend to just hang out (because who doesn’t love Nola) so that I did not have to make the trip alone!! Isn’t she the best?

I am not sure what our plans consist of but I will keep you updated.

Off to finish studying and packing! I am ready to GOOOO!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!:)

WIAW: {Fat Tuesday edition}

Good Morning!

Happy Wednesday!! It is time once again for WIAW. If you remember, this month is “Love Your Veggies Month” and I have really been trying to incorporate more veggies into all of my meals (except breakfast, too early, can not do it).



My favorite cereal combo. This really NEVER fails to satisfy me. I think all my friend in the kkg house think I am a lunatic for making it… I have to go in a certain order… but ya know, it’s fine 🙂

To refresh your memory, I use about 1/2 a cup of Kashi Go Lean and 1/2 a cup of Kashi Heart-to-Heart Honey toasted cereal . I add just a few Quaker oatmeal squares and Peanut Butter Puffins and top it off with half a banana and A LOT of almond milk ( I hate cereal without a lot of milk, hate it).


I was craving, I mean craving avocado for lunch today. Please do not make fun of my cravings.

When I walked into the house and saw that we were having turkey bacon BLTs with AVOCADO for lunch, I knew it was meant to be 😉 I made sure to pile on plenty of lettuce and tomatoes (thats a veggies right?)!

I enjoyed my delicious BLT with a side of my favorite fruit combination that I eat almost every day for lunch (I am a creature of habit with my food). Peaches, strawberries and pineapple= heaven.


Yogurt combo= Activia yogurt + half a banana + a handful of fresh blueberries. Such a refreshing snack. It was a perfect fuel for my run!


I needed to do a quick little strength training and I am kinda sore. When I saw this from Courtney I immediately decided to try it since I “had no excuse.”

It was a pretty good little workout for when you can not think of anything to do. I think doing it two times through would be great but my sore arms were just not having it today.

I was in much need of some Vitamin D + endorphins so I took myself outside for my favorite workout ever. A nice, calm run and not to mention the weather was literally unreal.

It is AMAZING what a run does to my mood.


I did not really have a lot of time because I had to get to The Daily Campus to put in my story for tomorrow, so I ran to Zoe’s.

Does anyone else love Zoe’s? I mean I crave it. SO much. I love it and it always leave me feeling satisfied, never overly stuffed.

My favorite is the Zoe’s grilled chicken greek salad. SO good!


So remember when I told you that I really needed to start watching my chocolate intake because it was just getting out of hand? WELL, would you believe that everyday this week I have waited until after dinner to have my chocolate.

And… even more shockingly… it only takes this one little Dove dark chocolate to hit the spot AND a warm cup of sleepytime tea. Am I 90 years old???? I know.


Overall I would say today’s eats were right on track with my challenge (yay for Fat Tuesday). The only thing I did not do was have a fifth small meal but honestly, I felt completely full and satisfied!

I am trying my best to eat as clean as possible this week because I see A LOT of food and beverages in my future for this weekend… Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a Wednesday!

My Fit 21 Day Challenge

Good afternoon!

I hope you all had the opportunity to check out my new page and under it you will see an article, “The 21 day challenge is on”.

What is the 21 Day Challenge? Well, My Fit Foods is doing a challenge to encourage their clients to break their bad eating habits, rev up their metabolisms and manage blood sugar levels in 21 days by getting used to eating five small meals a day.

My Fit Foods uses all-natural, unprocessed ingredients to make their meals. Everything is fresh and about as clean as you can possibly get.

I absolutely love My Fit Foods. It is so easy and convenient. The people who work there are so friendly and so helpful. I can not tell you the number of times I have been entirely too busy to even stop and take a bite and will just run in there to grab something.

I would SO much rather get one of their meals because I know I am putting good, wholesome nutrients into my body and it is just as fast (if not faster!) than running to pick up a greasy happy meal from McDonalds, ewww.

Not to mention it is DELICIOUS and it no way taste like “diet-food.”The meals are packed with protein and fiber and leave me feeling full for hours.

The best part? They take Pony AND are right across from the journalism school where I live, eat, sleep and breathe most days.

If I could afford to do the 21 day challenge I would. I can see how it would change your way of eating and kick start your metabolism. There are plenty of days where I forget to pack a snack and my blood sugar levels just plummet, I feel like doing this challenge really teaches you the importance of eating enough and often.

If you do not eat enough throughout the day, by nighttime you are absolutely starving and this is when the sweet tooth kicks in and bingeing has the tendency to occur.

Taken by Spencer J. Eggers, The Daily Campus

So, I am going to take this advice from My Fit Foods and try my own 21 day challenge of 5 small meals a day that are clean and filled with protein and fiber. I will incorporate more of their meals into my weekly diet and we will see how it turns out!

I AM NOT doing this to lose weight at all! I am really honestly doing it for my energy levels throughout the day and to get used to eating (even though I am pretty good about it) 5 small meals a day. The My Fit Challenge is not just for people who need/want to lose weight. It is for anyone looking to have a more fit lifestyle.

Oh and did I tell you that you get one cheat day a week?

Also, they recommend that along with the diet (because diet is 80%) you also exercise 3 days a week. This is not a problem for me at all seeing as though I typically do at least something 5-6 days a week. I will continue to exercise during this 21 days and incorporate new workouts like BPM Pilates and Beyond Pedaling into my routine while still running and doing yoga with strength training as well (check out those two links to read my articles on The Daily Campus).

I will keep you posted on how my challenge goes. I am sure that I will have to mix things around and everyday is not going to be a perfect day of healthy eats, but that is life.

I am excited to start this 21 days!

Disclaimer: This is a blog post written for my digital journalism class!*

Channing Tatum

Good Morning!

I was exhausted as I was typing my post last night (forget the seven million spelling errors) and realized I left out the most important part of my weekend. After dinner on Saturday, Jamie and I went to see The Vow.

All I can say is:

It was SO, SO, SO good. Please go see it immediately.

I can not believe it is already Monday AH. Mondays are kind of my “get-your-life-together” day.

My day is jam packed! I have tons of homework and reading, class, need to finish a package for my broadcast class (can NOT wait to share it with you!!), run a few errands, hopefully get in some kind of workout at some point and go to a scholarship banquet before chapter for all the KKGs who made 4.0’s (WOOO!!!). No, I did not make a 4.0- I wish. My dad would die and go to heaven. I am just going for moral support 🙂

Question- What day is your get-your-life-together day?!!!!

Have a happy Monday! See you tomorrow!!

Check out my Oatmeal Recipes on The Fit Mustang.

Sunday Funday

Hi friends!!

How was your weekend? I hope it was amazing. Mine was so relaxing and filled with much needed rest, cleaning, homework and running little errands I have needed to get done.

Yesterday, as I told you, I went to Adrift Spa. Okay I do not want to give anything away and you can read more about it here, but you HAVE to go if you live in Dallas. It was so relaxing and I loved every minute of it. It was perfect after the crazy week I had last week.

After my appointment,  I went to dinner and a movie with Jamie. We went to dinner at Patrizio’s (one of my favorite salads EVER!!).

I started with a glass of wine (turned into two…) and a warm bread basket with spinach and artichoke dip, that we clearly annihilated before we I remembered to snap a pic 😉

For my main meal, I had the grilled chicken salad and ate every single last bite.  And you KNOW since it is the weekend, I was no about to pass up dessert. Triple chocolate fudge cake with strawberries, SO SO SO good!!

Today I woke up and got a little work done, went to church, had  a meeting and did a great workout! I am currently typing this from my bed which has CLEAN sheets (makes me entirely too happy to have clean sheets) and am planning to go grab Zoes in a bit for dinner.

See you all tomorrow!! Have a fabulous night!

Lazy Dayzz

Good morning and happy weekend!

What is everyone up to?! So… Dallas is a little boring this weekend since everyone is gone for Mardi Gras.

I am a little jealous since Nola is one of my favorite places in the world BUT I am glad that I have the weekend to relax. And I will be there next weekend. Two weekends of Bourbon Street = not a very pretty Anne.

Yesterday I ran a ton of those little errands that I needed to get done but just have not gotten around to them, had a fab workout and watched Gossip Girl (I just started watching it… I am on season one.. pathetic I know for all of you Gossip Girl lovers.

I went with four of my best friends to a yummy dinner at Village Burger Bar and then came home and was asleep before 10!

Now I am just sitting here having my coffee, responding to emails, reading blogs and just enjoying the slow morning.

If only I looked this cute when I woke up 🙂

I am going to get out and about and get my car washed and run a few more errands. I am going to Bikram at noon and then have an appointment at Adrift Spa (Thanks DAD your the BEST!!).

Later tonight I have a date with one of my best friends Jamie!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!