Good morning everyone and Happy Friday!!

As usual, I am thrilled that it is the weekend. However, I have been up since 5 am to make it to the airport this morning and I am already dying even though I had a Starbucks triple Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte (my fav thing everrrr).

I am on my way to Orange County today to meet my mom and sister! We are going to Chapman today to meet with the dean and the dance school and then we are heading to LMU in LA tomorrow morning. She has been accepted to both already but felt like she needed to go back out there one more time!!

I am so excited for my little sister and so proud of her! For those of you who know my family, Rollins is so incredibly talented and I am pumped for her to have the opportunity to go follow her dreams.

While Rollins is off doing dance stuff I get to hang out with my mom which I can not wait to do!

Mama and Ro!

I will keep you posted on the weekend. Have a fabulous day!!


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Question: What are YOU doing this weekend?!!! Tell me!



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