WIAW {okay thursday…}


Hope you all had a Happy Thursday 🙂 It is time (WAS time last night…) for another WIAW post!(thanks Jenn at Peas and Crayons)

 This time I am doing my eats from today again because yesterday a was a hungry beast for some reason and completely forgot to snap pictures of breakfast or dinner so I decided I would wait until today.


Breakfast: Before I had to go to the Daily Update (5:30 am), I had a handful of oatmeal squares and half a banana HOPING it would ward off some hunger until I got back. Since it is so early, I am never that hungry but I always try to eat a little something so I do not want to eat my arm off by the time I leave around 8 am.

When I got home, I had a delicious bowls of Flax Oats with half a banana, a splash of almond milk,  and a spoonful of Justin’s Honey PB (my FAVORITE!!).

Lunchtime: After a fast workout of Kenpo X, I was not very hungry but had class and knew I needed to eat a little something! I grabbed a greek quesadilla that was on the KKG lunch menu (chicken, feta, sundried tomatoes, onions) with guacamole and a dab of sour cream. I added a few cucumbers and decided to take the tortilla off after I snapped the picture. I also had a side of fresh fruit 🙂

…and naturally a square of almond Dove dark chocolate.

After class I went on a walk with one of my best friends who was also my roomate freshman year!! It was beautiful outside and I enjoyed our time catching up so much:)

Good Times Jamie, HA!

Snack:  Frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries) smoothie with a light activia yogurt, dallop of greek yogurt for a kick of protein, and a splash of orange juice! I also had a few veggie stick chips…. 🙂

Dinner: I ate dinner a little later than usual because I am spending the night with my godmother and was waiting for her to get off of work! I had a small little “snack” of what was being served at the house (a little squash casserole and brussel sprouts… forgot to photograph…. I am the WORST!).

Once I got to her house, I made a large bowl of Turkey Chili from My Fit Foods on top of about 2 cups of freshly cooked spinach for some added nutrients! It was SO, SO, SO good. I am seriously so full from this. I love everything in My Fit Foods and it tastes amazing not like nasty diet food (I am writing an article for H&F on them so I do not want to go into too much detail….).

I had a square of dark chocolate for dessert and I am sitting here just catching up reading blogs 🙂 My perfect night.


Ohhhh…. Why am I spending the night with Kate? She is taking me to the airport VERY early in the morning for a super fun trip I have planned this weekend with my mom and sister 🙂 I will tell you more about that later this weekend.

Have a great night and day tomorrow!!!



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