Good morning!

Hope all of you are doing fabulous 🙂 I am sitting here enjoying my coffee with a slight cakeball hang-over 😉

Okay so if you have known me for a while, you know my favorite color is PINK. My eye almost automatically goes to everything PINK.

However, I have noticed that the color has been starting to fade out of my wardrobe as I now usually (if I am not wearing my what Parker calls “uniform” of Lulu capris and a gigantic KKG sweatshirt) wear neutral colors because I love them and think they are always so cute and easy.

I also have not really loved some of the pink things over the past few years because honestly they just looked, I don’t know, like way too much and over the top or something.

However, I am in LOVE with every single thing for spring. I love the bright colors, color block, fun patterns, pastels mixed with fun colors, nude wedges, you get the point… EVERYTHING else!

What do I love the most? PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK!!!!

(If anyone would like to donate to the charity CLOTHE ANNE so that I can go out and buy all of these things… that would be awesome! haha… kidding… sorta!)

Here are some of my favs! Enjoy!!!


Oh… and a pink beach with a pink margarita would be really nice too 🙂

Happy Wednesday friends! Have a fabulous day!

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