Trina Turk <3

**This post is an assignment for a fashion media class 🙂 **

Happy Thursday!!

 This is a picture of me at the Alpha Chi Fashion show! Even though I am not an Alpha Chi, I participated in the event as a representative for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma! It was honestly SUCH a fun night and I really loved the outfit I got to wear.

 The whole entire outfit is Trina Turk. Can we talk about Trina (you know, Trina, my BFF) for a minute? I literally just love her so much. I honestly think every single thing she designs is precious.

 She always has such a fun flair for fashion and puts a unique spin on her clothes. I can spot a piece of Trina Turk from a mile away. So, you can only imagine the excitement I had when I found out that I was assigned to strut Trina down the runway!

 Oh… speaking of strutting down the runway. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Seeing as though I am you know, 5’1, this was my claim to fame for one night. Okay, sidetracked dreaming of being a 6 foot tall runway model… back to my outfit.

 Lets start with my favorite part. MY SHORTS!! I mean are those honestly not so adorable. They are completely black lace with scalloped edges. They fit perfectly. They hit just below my belly button so they were just right for tucking in my blouse.

 Isnt that silk blouse just the cutest??! It is cream with a big black bow tie at the neck. It was a great fit. Not too blousy that it over powered me, but just right.

 Lastly, the big black jewled, dangly rhinestone chandalier earrings that I had to wear honestly were just a little too much for my taste.

 However, the rest of this outfit could not describe my personal style better. It is so simple and the main pieces are fairly basic and pratical pieces for your wardrobe, but when you put the two together—you get a precious outcome.

 I love neutrals… cream, black, tan… and I also really love basic pieces. I do not ever hesitate to spend a little more on pieces that I know I can wear time and time again and mix and match them with other things. And who doesn’t love blows and lace together?? Come on girls… I know you do.

 I mean how hott would this blouse be with a pair of black jeans and some super high platform heels? Or… I could also pair it with a blazer and black pants or skirt and wear it for business casual. If I wanted to go a little more casual, I think it would look great with a pair of  dark jeans and nude flats for daytime.

 These shorts can be worn with just about anything. Again, I could put on a pair of black tights and stick a blazer on with this outfit, some cute black flats, and walk straight into an interview and call it a day. Any solid color t shirt would look great with them and paired with some cute black sandals, I have a perfect summertime outfit.

 As far as the earrings go….. well, lets just say I don’t think I will ever be wearing those again…big and blingy is definitely not my thing.





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