Valentines Love

Happy Valentines Day! 

Good morning! Hope you are having a fabulous day so far. Okay so even though Parker and I do not really get all that into Valentines Day… I still love it. I mean it is SO gooby but something about all of the colors, candy, CHOCOLATE, etc. just makes me happy. And everyone (well for the most part) is usually pretty happy go lucky on this day.

For those of you that are kinda grumpy and miserable on this day… as I know this is easier said than done… I encourage you to remember how lucky you are on this day and try to enjoy the time you have with your OTHER loved ones. Just because you may not have a significant other or your valentines is a million hours away (I feel your pain)… make today all about they people you are thankful for and that you love. 

As far as MY Valentines goes… I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world 🙂 I know boys like Parker are hard to come by and I am thankful I snatched him up 7 years ago!!


Have a great day! 

Check out my Guilt-free Valentine goodies and some fun fitness activities to do with your Valentine!


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