WIAW: Valentines Day

Happy Wednesday friends!

It is time for another WIAW post! I missed last week because I just completely forgot. BUT… I am back in full force this week and am excited that this month’s theme is Love Your Veggies Month.

This is something I REALLY need to be better about. I eat veggies every day BUT many times they are not included in every one of my meals. I know that a lot of people add spinach to smoothies for breakfast (makes me feel SO sick to do that) or include veggies in their eggs… but honestly, there is just something about eating vegetables in the morning that is so unappealing.

Obviously, I am not going to force myself to eat them SO I just need to make sure I am incorporating plenty into my lunch and dinner.

I have NO problem eating enough fruit. As I am sure you can tell by now, I probably eat well over the recommended amount of fruit in a day but I just love it. I guess if eating too much fruit (and chocolate) is my worst problem… I am okay ha!

Let’s get to yesterdays yummy eats!!


This is a new to me breakfast. Lately, I have been craving oatmeal and I made this combination that was TO DIE FOR. I am serious… it tastes like candy in a bowl. I use a pack of all-natural steel cut oats with flax seeds, a splash of almond milk and water and then right at the end add in a huge handful of blueberries so they get warm and mushy (like a blueberry muffin!!). I topped it off a with a spoonful of peanut butter and half a banana. Try this if you need a new breakfast idea. It is SO good and keeps me full for hours.


I was craving a simple turkey sandwich with lettuce (veggie at lunch, check!), tomatoes and mustard.. so that is what I had! I enjoyed it with a side of fruit and for dessert I had about a million handfuls of puppy chow. I know it is like one of the worst things to eat and it always makes me feel sick after I eat it BUT the way our cooks make it is so good. I can not resist.And it was valentines day! haha 🙂

Snack 1:                             

After having like 1000 cups of puppy chow, you would think I would be stuffed. Nope. Hungry an hour after. More fruit and a dark chocolate kiss. I told you I eat too much fruit.

Snack 2: Yogurt Mess!

I knew I would not be able to eat dinner until later than usual, so I had a snack to hold me over. Otherwise I get reallllllllyyy cranky.

Light Vanilla Activia with a spoonful or two of greek yogurt. Mixing the greek yogurt with Activia and a tsp. of honey takes the bitter tart taste out and it adds a kick of protein which Activia does not really have much of, if it has any at all. Added Quaker oatmeal squares because they are my FAV and some granola for extra crunch.


Sad, lonely Valentines dinner eaten while studying 😦 At least it was REALLY tasty?

Grilled pesto chicken, wild rice, half of an avocado, spinach and brussel sprouts. Veggies check check check check!


As if I had not had enough chocolate by this point in the day, I had a sugar free pudding with a sprinkle of crushed oreos (from the KKG fro yo bar).

Okay… SO let’s talk. I am not at all saying there was anything wrong with what I ate  in fact most of it was really good BUT I do think I need to start being more mindful about aimlessly snacking. I could have had a bite of puppy chow and been satisfied, but instead I ate seriously 6 handfuls. That is just like gross and it clearly was of NO nutritional value (besides the pb in it 😉 ) because I was hungry an hour later.

So- for the rest of the week I am going to make a serious conscious effort to watch my aimless snacking and have-to-have dessert habits. I KNOW I could be doing better. I will keep you posted on how this goes!


Have a great day!

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