Channing Tatum

Good Morning!

I was exhausted as I was typing my post last night (forget the seven million spelling errors) and realized I left out the most important part of my weekend. After dinner on Saturday, Jamie and I went to see The Vow.

All I can say is:

It was SO, SO, SO good. Please go see it immediately.

I can not believe it is already Monday AH. Mondays are kind of my “get-your-life-together” day.

My day is jam packed! I have tons of homework and reading, class, need to finish a package for my broadcast class (can NOT wait to share it with you!!), run a few errands, hopefully get in some kind of workout at some point and go to a scholarship banquet before chapter for all the KKGs who made 4.0’s (WOOO!!!). No, I did not make a 4.0- I wish. My dad would die and go to heaven. I am just going for moral support 🙂

Question- What day is your get-your-life-together day?!!!!

Have a happy Monday! See you tomorrow!!

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