My Fit 21 Day Challenge

Good afternoon!

I hope you all had the opportunity to check out my new page and under it you will see an article, “The 21 day challenge is on”.

What is the 21 Day Challenge? Well, My Fit Foods is doing a challenge to encourage their clients to break their bad eating habits, rev up their metabolisms and manage blood sugar levels in 21 days by getting used to eating five small meals a day.

My Fit Foods uses all-natural, unprocessed ingredients to make their meals. Everything is fresh and about as clean as you can possibly get.

I absolutely love My Fit Foods. It is so easy and convenient. The people who work there are so friendly and so helpful. I can not tell you the number of times I have been entirely too busy to even stop and take a bite and will just run in there to grab something.

I would SO much rather get one of their meals because I know I am putting good, wholesome nutrients into my body and it is just as fast (if not faster!) than running to pick up a greasy happy meal from McDonalds, ewww.

Not to mention it is DELICIOUS and it no way taste like “diet-food.”The meals are packed with protein and fiber and leave me feeling full for hours.

The best part? They take Pony AND are right across from the journalism school where I live, eat, sleep and breathe most days.

If I could afford to do the 21 day challenge I would. I can see how it would change your way of eating and kick start your metabolism. There are plenty of days where I forget to pack a snack and my blood sugar levels just plummet, I feel like doing this challenge really teaches you the importance of eating enough and often.

If you do not eat enough throughout the day, by nighttime you are absolutely starving and this is when the sweet tooth kicks in and bingeing has the tendency to occur.

Taken by Spencer J. Eggers, The Daily Campus

So, I am going to take this advice from My Fit Foods and try my own 21 day challenge of 5 small meals a day that are clean and filled with protein and fiber. I will incorporate more of their meals into my weekly diet and we will see how it turns out!

I AM NOT doing this to lose weight at all! I am really honestly doing it for my energy levels throughout the day and to get used to eating (even though I am pretty good about it) 5 small meals a day. The My Fit Challenge is not just for people who need/want to lose weight. It is for anyone looking to have a more fit lifestyle.

Oh and did I tell you that you get one cheat day a week?

Also, they recommend that along with the diet (because diet is 80%) you also exercise 3 days a week. This is not a problem for me at all seeing as though I typically do at least something 5-6 days a week. I will continue to exercise during this 21 days and incorporate new workouts like BPM Pilates and Beyond Pedaling into my routine while still running and doing yoga with strength training as well (check out those two links to read my articles on The Daily Campus).

I will keep you posted on how my challenge goes. I am sure that I will have to mix things around and everyday is not going to be a perfect day of healthy eats, but that is life.

I am excited to start this 21 days!

Disclaimer: This is a blog post written for my digital journalism class!*


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