WIAW: {Fat Tuesday edition}

Good Morning!

Happy Wednesday!! It is time once again for WIAW. If you remember, this month is “Love Your Veggies Month” and I have really been trying to incorporate more veggies into all of my meals (except breakfast, too early, can not do it).



My favorite cereal combo. This really NEVER fails to satisfy me. I think all my friend in the kkg house think I am a lunatic for making it… I have to go in a certain order… but ya know, it’s fine 🙂

To refresh your memory, I use about 1/2 a cup of Kashi Go Lean and 1/2 a cup of Kashi Heart-to-Heart Honey toasted cereal . I add just a few Quaker oatmeal squares and Peanut Butter Puffins and top it off with half a banana and A LOT of almond milk ( I hate cereal without a lot of milk, hate it).


I was craving, I mean craving avocado for lunch today. Please do not make fun of my cravings.

When I walked into the house and saw that we were having turkey bacon BLTs with AVOCADO for lunch, I knew it was meant to be 😉 I made sure to pile on plenty of lettuce and tomatoes (thats a veggies right?)!

I enjoyed my delicious BLT with a side of my favorite fruit combination that I eat almost every day for lunch (I am a creature of habit with my food). Peaches, strawberries and pineapple= heaven.


Yogurt combo= Activia yogurt + half a banana + a handful of fresh blueberries. Such a refreshing snack. It was a perfect fuel for my run!


I needed to do a quick little strength training and I am kinda sore. When I saw this from Courtney I immediately decided to try it since I “had no excuse.”

It was a pretty good little workout for when you can not think of anything to do. I think doing it two times through would be great but my sore arms were just not having it today.

I was in much need of some Vitamin D + endorphins so I took myself outside for my favorite workout ever. A nice, calm run and not to mention the weather was literally unreal.

It is AMAZING what a run does to my mood.


I did not really have a lot of time because I had to get to The Daily Campus to put in my story for tomorrow, so I ran to Zoe’s.

Does anyone else love Zoe’s? I mean I crave it. SO much. I love it and it always leave me feeling satisfied, never overly stuffed.

My favorite is the Zoe’s grilled chicken greek salad. SO good!


So remember when I told you that I really needed to start watching my chocolate intake because it was just getting out of hand? WELL, would you believe that everyday this week I have waited until after dinner to have my chocolate.

And… even more shockingly… it only takes this one little Dove dark chocolate to hit the spot AND a warm cup of sleepytime tea. Am I 90 years old???? I know.


Overall I would say today’s eats were right on track with my challenge (yay for Fat Tuesday). The only thing I did not do was have a fifth small meal but honestly, I felt completely full and satisfied!

I am trying my best to eat as clean as possible this week because I see A LOT of food and beverages in my future for this weekend… Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “WIAW: {Fat Tuesday edition}

  1. ok, seriously? we eat the same breakfast. have i said this to you before? i mean…pretty much. kashi go lean original mixed (for me i usually add granola or great grains pecans/dates/raisins), 1/2 banana, and tons and tons of almond milk. i actually realize i drink waaaay a lot of almond milk with my cereal lately (i have to buy 2 containers per week), but that is how i love it. and i always go back mid-bowl for more milk. ❤

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