Ready to GO!

Good morning!

Happy Thirsty Thursday 🙂 In case you missed it… I paid tribute to my favorite drink last night in honor of the holiday (don’t worry I would never forget it!). I get this love from my dad.

I decided to hold off from chugging the margs last night because well, that is obviously not part of my challenge, BUT I also had a workout class to attend realearnly this morning.

Speaking of that workout class, I tried something brand new. Since I am leaving to go out of town today I knew that I would not have time to fit in a workout unless I just got up and did it. If you remember, I did a Pilates class a few weeks ago at this same studio, BPM.

This morning I went to the Bootcamp Barre Class. For all of you Pure Bar lovers, it has a lot of Barre movements mixed in with a ton of cardio and a few other things. Let’s just say I was NOT expecting to get my butt kicked. And I got my butt KICKED, literally.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Wow. It was that hard. But, it feels so good to have my workout for the day behind me so I can pack up a few last minute things and head out as soon as my 12:30 class is over.

Can anyone guess where I am going this weekend? Yesterday, I told you that it would be a weekend filled with treats and beverages…

Yep, Nola. One of my most favorite places in the entire world! Parker has a formal weekend there with Sigma Chi. I am so excited to spend time with him and some of his friends!

AND my sweet godmother offered to ride with me down there and is also staying for the weekend to just hang out (because who doesn’t love Nola) so that I did not have to make the trip alone!! Isn’t she the best?

I am not sure what our plans consist of but I will keep you updated.

Off to finish studying and packing! I am ready to GOOOO!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!:)


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