Dropped in Nola

Hello everyone!

Hope ya’ll had a great Monday! Mondays are always kind of my get your entire life together day. BUT I wanted to make sure I told you the news I was talking about earlier…

This weekend in Nola after out date on Friday night, Parker and I went to get a glass of wine and went on a walk in Jackson Square. We were just walking and talking and he started saying the SWEETEST things about our future together and how he can not wait to spend the rest of his life with me…it was so sweet and not gooby at all… I like started crying per usual and then he pulled out a little box.

OKAY sorry… it is not what you are thinking (I thought the same thing and semi freaked out) but he gave me a Sigma Chi drop. How old fashioned and precious is this!!

I was so shocked! I have heard about this from my grandparents and my parents from when they were in college because everyone used to “pin” the girl they were going to be engaged too soon, but now it is such a rare thing and people only do it if they have been dating forever and are really serious.

I had absolutely no idea he was going to do this! It was so, so sweet and one of the best 10 minutes of my life. I immediately called my parents after and we were all like freaking out and screaming!

I really am so lucky and feel so special that P did this for me. Sometimes when you date someone for so long everything seems to fall into a “comfort zone” but this really took me by complete surprise.

When will we be engaged? Good question 😉 I have absolutely no idea. Not for another year or so BUT something I do kind of want to share because I think sometimes it gets misconstrued… I honestly am not at all consumed with the idea of “getting married.”

You could tell me that I could not have the wedding of my dreams but I could spend the rest of my life with P and I honestly would not care. I do not at all sit here all day every day and dream of getting married. While I can NOT wait for all of the festivities and to be someone’s WIFE (OMG) I fully know it is just about me and him. The last thing I want to do is to get married and “play house.”

I know we still have a few years to go but I feel like so many people my age (especially being from the south)  get so caught up with the idea of a marriage and I really do not feel like that is the case for us.

Parker and I both have never held the other one back from anything. He has never asked me to give up one thing for him and I think that is why we are still together (and kind of obsessed!!). He lets me be me and I let him be him and it just works for us. He makes me want to be a better person and even during times when I am SO ready to just give up, he pushes me to keep going. He literally is my rock and I can not imagine who I would be today without him.

I still have a LOT of maturing and growing to do in the next year to prepare my heart not to be selfish and it is something I am really going to work on because when the time does actually come for us to be engaged, I want to be able to fully commit myself to a TWO way street (even though P is probably thinking in his head that in my world it is never going to be a two way street 😉 ).

Best weekend ever- I was so excited to share my news with yall! SORRY for all of the goobiness but it was completely necessary!

Have a great night and I will see ya tomorrow!!

9 thoughts on “Dropped in Nola

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  2. ya’ll are so cute!!! Congrats…..I was think the other day how in college we got “Pinned” and you’d have a candlelight thing at the sorority house!!! Bring it back Annie Boo…….I love reading your blog and I love you precious girl!!

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