WIAW: {Day Full of Studying}

Good Morning!!

Sorry I am SUPER MIA this week. I have so much to study before Thursday and have a ton of little projects due. If I can just make it until Thursday.

I AM going to (finally it is out of control) get my hair cut today and is it sad that all I am looking forward to is having my hair washed?? AHHH!!

Anyways… I documented all of my eats from yesterday for today’s WIAW post. When I have a really stressful week I am always tempted to just reach for what is faster. However, if I fill up on junk I have absolutely no energy so I have been trying really hard to make sure I am including enough nutrients in my system to help me power through the books.

So here ya go!

Breakfast- 5:00 am

My favorite breakfast. Sorry if you are sick of hearing about it but I love it. I LOVE my cereal combo and it never gets old. Kashi Go Lean + Kashi Heart to Heart + A few Quaker oatmeal squares and PB Puffins thrown in. All topped with half a banana (it is somewhere in there) and drowned in unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Workout- 7:15 am

I knew it was going to be a crazy day and the only way I would (a) stay sane and (b) have a hope of working out was to do it in the morning. I did an hour of P90X plyometrics! Gosh I LOVE that workout. Fairly quick, fun and it kicks my butt. My legs HURT today.

Snack- 9:00 am

A handful of almonds because my stomach was GRUMBLING.

Lunch- 1:15 pm

I went a little too long (for me) between breakfast, my morning snack and lunch. I am used to eating something small every few hours and when I walked in from class I was famished and in a delightful mood 😉 I fixed up a quick multigrain turkey wrap with laughing cow swiss cheese, mustard, spinach and cucumbers. Along with a side of my fruit combination of fruit.

For dessert at the KKG house was my favorite pudding. I had to have some. It is my favorite dessert!

Snack- 3:30 pm

Does studying make anyone else hungry? I guess it is using all of that brain power or the fact that I was bored out of my mind . I knew that I would not be able to eat dinner until a little later so I wanted something that would keep me full!

I had a smoothie with frozen strawberries, half a banana, Activia light vanilla yogurt,  two dallops of Justins Honey PB, and a splash of chocolate almond milk. It kind of tasted like a PBandJ sandwich.

Dinner- 7:30 pm

Zoe’s greek salad with grilled chicken. So delicious, filling and satisfying and does not leave me feeling gross and stuffed!

And of course a square of Dove dark chocolate.

Speaking of feeling stuffed, if you are planning to eat/ drink your way through spring break, check out my article for today in The Daily Campus for 6 tips on staying healthy during the break.

Off to STUDY. Hopefully I will see you sometime again before this week is over!

Question: Tell me what your favorite study snacks are!!????

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