Bright Lights, Big City

Happy Friday!!

Happy Spring Break!!

Happy ANNE!!

Good morning 🙂 Hope you all are doing well. Midterms done. Quiz over. Broadcast package turned in. I could not be more happy!

This morning I popped right out of bed to get my sweat on at the 5:30 am Bikram. I really wanted to get my workout done for the day because as soon as I am out of class, I am headed home! I am not looking forward to the 6 hour drive BUT I am excited to see my girrlll (my dog, Emma) and my dad. My mom and sisters will be in Birmingham for the weekend at Rollins dance competition and I am sad I will miss them but can’t wait to get a little one on one time with my daddy.

So, I still have not told you all where I am going for Spring Break? Any guesses?

Yep, NYC. And the best part?!! With my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF from highschool! Cant wait for the city (it has been too long!) but I am more exciting to be with her for 4 days.

Hahaha love this

Senior year prom!

We are leaving tomorrow morning. So, if I am MIA- you know where I am. I will try to keep you updated but ya know… I am going to be living it up!

When we get home on Wednesday, P is picking me up at the airport and we are headed to the beach to meet my family.

This picture makes me so happy!

I get the best of both world this spring break. My two favorite places in the world. New York and anywhere with a beach.

If you are going on spring break, I hope you have a great break! If you have time, make sure to check out my article for The Daily Campus on how to stay healthy this break.

Have a great Friday!


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