Longest Post of the Best Week EVER!!

Hello everyone 🙂

Hope you had a fabulous Monday! Okay so I wanted to give you a recap of my amazing spring break… if you do not want to read a gazillion long post just stop reading now! Haha

OH… and I forgot to take any pictures really OF COURSE except for of food because yall know what a foodie I am (I mean I guess that is a huge part of this blog ya think?!)…. but I will do my best to describe everything.


So… when I left you I was driving home on Friday.

Friday afternoon as soon as I got home Parker came over for a little bit and unloaded my entire car for me  then left to go to his fishing camp in Louisiana. I finished packing and then my daddy and I went to our favorite restaurant in the whole world, Keifers. I had my favorite meal: grilled chicken greek salad with their special feta dressing that I crave on a daily basis.


Saturday morning I was up and moving really early and did a quick (went all out for 12 minutes because I was rushed) interval run then headed to the airport! Once we got to NYC, we went straight to Remi for dinner. I had two glasses of wine and this amazing grilled chicken palliard that actually covered the whole plate on top of a huge bed of spinach. Even though I was absolutely famished, I thought there was no way I could eat the whole thing (it was HUGE) but I did. It was delicious. Just the start of all of my wonderful eats over the course of the week 😉

Tragic picture of my delicious meal 🙂


Sunday morning we were ready to go SHOPPING! We spent most of the morning shopping around and then Katie and I took ourselves on a little date at this precious place (I can not remember the name of it to save my life). We immediately ordered mimosas and I had a great grilled chicken sandwich that came with the best homemade fried EVER! I also ordered a side of fruit because I was really lacking in the nutrient department for the day.

Sunday night we went to this little local Italian restaurant, Serafina  (I forgot to take pictures UGH) and I had the best margarita pizza with a side salad and for desert a chocolate cake with nutella in the middle. I felt like I was dreaming 😉


Monday we were out and about shopping again and went to Bergdorf’s for a girly lunch. This may be one of my most favorite things to do in NYC! The view is incredible and it really is just so much fun.

Grilled Chicken salad with roasted butternut squash

We spent tons of time there that day and hit up a few more places before booking it to an early dinner that night at a great place I can’t think of the name!!!!!

As soon as we were done eating, we went to see The Phantom of the Opera. This was my second (maybe third?!) time to see it on Broadway but it NEVER gets old to me. I just love it and the cast really was incredible.


We were up early and ready to go to Soho to shop! This is my favorite part of New York. I love all of the restaurants and precious little boutiques. We had SUCH a fun day! Okay I am so, so, so excited to share this with you because it may be in my top 5 favorite things I have ever eaten (Parker will tell you… that is saying A LOT). We stopped at Dean and Deluca for a quick lunch and I immediately saw the veggie burger and was sold. It was HUGE and so fresh and filled with so many yummy veggies. It was served on a gigantic multigrain bun but I could not even eat the bun because the veggie patty was that good. 

By Tuesday at 5 we were ready for a drink. We stopped at Dos Caminos for a little happy hour before heading to Cafe Cluny in West Village for dinner. I had the grilled trout and a brussel sprout leaves salad. Delicious but sadly no pictures 😦

My skinny marg and Katie's sangria 🙂


I left early in the morning (Katie ended up staying later, lucky!!) to get back home where Parker picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to the beach where my family was!

As soon as we got there we met my parents for a drink in Alys Beach at the pool’s restruant, Caliza. I felt like I was in a different country. I know that sounds so strange but Alys really is so beautiful and the pool is unbelievable!!


I got in a nice long run and just sat around and relaxed for a little while. This might sound crazy but my favorite part besides laying on the beach and not moving for hours about going to the beach is the mornings. I absolutely LOVE to run at the beach and then come back and drink my coffee and eat breakfast. I know I am so weird. For the rest of the day I moved from the beach to the pool back to the beach. It was such a fun and relaxing day!

His and her picnic!

Thursday night Parker and I went with my parents to dinner and of course I took no pictures but it was delicious and very fun!


Friday was another great, lazy day! I slept in and woke up and lounged around then headed out to the beach for a 6 mile walk. It was a gorgeous day! Parker and I went to lunch at this cute little cafe in Rosemary, again… no pictures.

Friday night Parker cooked his famous shrimp (poor thing he always gets stuck cooking at the beach for my family) and it was amazing as usual! I made sweet potato fries as a side 🙂 and no picture again UGH.

After dinner we went with my sister and Jacob to have dessert at this adorable little tapas and chocolate bar place, La Crema. We started with a chocolate fondue and had the chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream. (Parker.. if you love me you will take me back immediately to get that again). It was my favorite dessert I have ever eaten. That really is saying a lot. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of the vanilla 😉


Unfortunately we had to leave the beach and head back home 😦

We got stuck in a ton of traffic and finally made it back in time to go to a crawfish boil with P’s parents and some of their friends.


Sunday my mom rode with me and we headed back to Dallas. I was very happy to see everyone but can not believe it is time to get back to reality!


AH do not want to go to class today. And the weather is SO GROSSSSSSSS.

I really did have the best spring break ever!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing best friend 🙂 We had the BEST TIME and could not have had more fun together!!!

And my family just rocks. Anytime I get to spend with them is awesome!

Sorry for the long post. Back to normal tomorrow.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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