WIAW: {Grizzly and Healthy Tidbit}

Good Morning!!

Hope ya’ll are having a great week so far! I can not believe it is almost halfway through.

My WIAW is not quite that exciting considering all of the amazing food I ate last week. It really is hard to come back from vacation and all kinds of yummy food to normal ole’ eats!


Okay so maybe it is not that bad since my breakfast was my FAVORITE!

 In case you forgot 😉 Oatmeal pancakes topped with PB2 (a drop of honey) + half a banana and a cup of blueberries and strawberries + sugar free syrup. So good!!!!!


Lunch was kind of random. I was really hungry but not in the mood for anything. Does that ever happen to you?

For lunch at the KKG house there was some kind of black bean salsa (black beans, avacado, tomato, cilantro, corn, no idea what else!) so I warmed up a whole wheat tortilla and topped it with the salsa and bell pepper strips. Pretty good but a lotttttttt of cilantro for my taste buds. The black beans and avocado gave it a really nice punch of protein.

On the side I had fruit: pineapples, peaches, strawberries and purple grapes.

For dessert I had a sugar free chocolate Jello pudding. I have been craving one since Sunday. Is that weird?


For some reason I was SO sleepy today so since  I was already in the bookstore, I grabbed an un-sweet iced coffee from Starbucks with a splash of creamer and it did the trick! I only drink caffeine on a very rare occasion in the afternoons, but I just needed it today.

I also had a handful of  cocoa roasted almonds.


I know ya’ll FOR sure think I eat nothing besides this greek salad from Zoe’s. But on Tuesdays I am usually at The Daily Campus working on my articles in the middle of dinner so this is just a quick, easy, healthy option. Otherwise I leave ready to knaw my arm off and GRUMPY.

Speaking of grumpy, do any of you get just MEAN if you have not eaten? Well, I am the most unpleasant person in the world to be around if I am hungry. Parker decided a name for “my side” that comes out when I am hungry while we were at the beach: Grizzly. Cute, right?

Me without food apparently

After Dinner Snack:

I ate dinner super early (like 5ish) and then went to Bikram so by the time I was home around 10pm I was starving! I still had to go film at the library and finish some homework, so I grabbed a small apple with chocolate PB2 to ward off the hunger beast (FML).


Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my day running around Dallas filming for a broadcast package on the danger of college students pulling all nighters. I actually thought this was going to be pretty boring but now I am excited about it because it is quite relevant to my life!

I interviewed John Truitt, CEO of Simple Sleep Services and learned  a lot of interesting things all related to not getting an adequate amount of sleep. I do not want to go too in depth with the all nighter thing (I will share that with you when I finish my package) BUT we did chat for a little while about how sleep deprivation contributes to weight gain.

He said when you do not get enough sleep your cortisol levels increase which causes the extra weight to sit particularly in the stomach and neck area. He also said that he finds many clients think the longer you stay awake the more calories that you burn when in fact, it is the complete opposite.

I have read a lot of recent studies about this but it was pretty cool to hear it come straight from an expert. Regardless of whether or not you are trying to lose weight, getting enough sleep is vital to your health both mentally and physically. (I am one to talk… some weeks I do great and other weeks I get less than 3-4 hours a night… I am really going to try to work on this!)

There is my interesting health tidbit of the day!


Hope you all have a great restful Wednesday and enjoy plenty of yummy, healthy eats!

For more reading on studies relating to sleep:

How Sleep Affects Your Weight

Sleep More, Eat Less

Bedroom Items that Keep you from Sleeping 

How to get a more Restful Night of Sleep

Sleep Less, Eat More, Gain Weight

10 thoughts on “WIAW: {Grizzly and Healthy Tidbit}

  1. It’s always hard to go from super exciting vacation food to normal eats, but I’d say your transition wasn’t too bad because your food still looks delicious! Making your own pancakes is so much fun after not cooking very much :). I don’t use much caffeine, either, but sometimes you just need a little extra boost. Speaking of which, thanks for the link to the sleep studies. I really need to motivate myself to get more sleep, but I’m just so busy with school that I often don’t have time!

  2. Omg Hank has a nickname for me too when I am grumpily hungry!!! Haha I am the queen of being grumpy when I am hungry… I don’t know what it is!?

  3. Oh my gosh…when I am hungry, you do NOT want to me in my proximity. My fiance has compared getting between me and meal when I am hungry to “getting between a mama bear and her cub”!

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