Perfect Start

Hey friends!!

Happy Saturday! This week seemed to absolutely fly by for some reason. It feels like right after spring break  summer comes before you know it!

My weekend is already off to a perfect start! Yesterday after class I went to Bikram (always leave feeling amazing!) and then went on a walk with my big who I love more than anything in the entire world!!!

Everyone is out of town this weekend so last a night a few girls went to dinner at Coal Vines! We had to wait for a little bit but we were perfectly content with having our glass(es) of wine 🙂 and the restaurant brought out appetizers (bruschetta and a slice of pizza) twice for us to enjoy while we waited. How nice is that?!

If you are in Dallas you have to go to Coal Vines! This was my fifth or sixth time to go there and it has been delicious every time. The prices are super reasonable too.

Once we were seated (outside, the weather is phenomenal right now) we immediately ordered two appetizers. Garlic bread and calamari! Calamari is my all time FAVORITE appetizer and I love how they also included zuchinni in the mix. Delicious!

For dinner we ordered two pizzas to share, a pepperoni and the white special with chicken.

I used to HATE pizza because I am not a big fan of Papa Johns, Dominos, etc. (no offense, just me personally!!) but I do really love fresh, brick oven pizza from good places. On the side I had a ceaser salad.

We had originally planned to go out but after dinner and a few glasses of wine, we had full bellies and decided to call it a night!

This morning I did not wake up until 9:30!! I think this is the latest I have slept since last summer. For those of you who know me, I LOVE the mornings and usually pop right out of bed by 6:30-7 am without an alarm (if I set an alarm I am up usually way earlier) but I decided not to set one and it felt so good to get some sleep. I guess my body needed it!

Once I got up, I immediately laced up my tennis shoes to go for a run outside.  I can not get enough of this weather. It is absolutely gorgeous. AND If I do not work out first thing on Saturday morning, chances are I probably will not do it.

I was going to run through Highland Park but decided to take a detour and ran on the Katy Trail instead. I forget how much I love the Katy! Not only is it a great place to run but especially on Saturday mornings it is packed with all kinds of people walking, running, rollerblading or biking. Everyone has their dogs out and it just makes me so happy! One of my favorite parts of living in Dallas is that everyone (most)  lives such active, healthy lifestyles.

Speaking of living active lifestyles, one of my best friends is running the Rock n’ Roll half marathon tomorrow!!!!! YAY MALLORY (the one in the pic with the calamari)! This is her second one but she is such an incredible runner and I am so jealous. It takes me twice as long to run the same distance as her! SO PROUD OF YOU 🙂

I had a nice huge cereal combo and COFFEE as soon as I got back on the Kappa patio!

Off to shower and then meet up with my parents who are coming in town today for a party tonight!! Hope you all have an active, fun Saturday and a fabulous rest of the weekend!


What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?

Do you workout on the weekends?!


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