WIAW: {Locked in the J School}

Hello everyone!!

Posting at 11 pm… Who am I?? Well… I just got back from the J (journalism) school and it is MUCH EARLIER than I expected!! 🙂 Yay for once in my life doing a little bit every day so I did not have to cram!

I did not want to skip out on my usual WIAW post, so I am going to share with you my very, very random eats of today… all while being locked away working on a broadcast package!

Breakfast- 7:00 am

Since I knew that I was going to have a busy day ahead, I ate a giant breakfast to try and stay full!

Eggs + Multigrain english muffin + two slices of turkey bacon (somewhere) and of course, COFFEE!

Lunch part 1- 11:00 am

As I was leaving this morning, I decided to pack a quick half PB + banana sandwich just in case I would not have time to come back to the house.

I am so glad I packed this because my stomach was rumbling and I did not get back until around 3 pm. Talk about GRIZZLY?!!!


I absolutely HAD to go sweat as soon as my noon lab was over. I was getting cranky and irritable and since I would be with all of my J friends for mostly the rest of the day, I hit the treadmill for 45 minute intervals + did a few abs!

Ya’ll are welcome for me sparing you of my horrible mood I would have been in 🙂 !!

Post Workout Snack/ Lunch Part 2- 3:30 

I was SO hungry by this point!! I grabbed a handful of almonds to hold me over while I made a gigantic smoothie.

Strawberries + half banana + mixed berries + greek yogurt + activia + splash of OJ + water + SPINACH (finally some veggies in my day!!!).

Dinner- 7 pm

This should come as no surprise. YES, I PROMISE I eat other things besides just Zoe’s grilled chicken greek salad.


Enough said 🙂 

OHHHHHH… what is this keyboard that you keep seeing in all of my pictures?…My home away from home. The editing lab at the J school!!!!!!

Overall, I know today’s eats were random but I tried to do the best I could with the little time I had! Especially on days where I will not be home for a while, I really try to plan ahead so that I do not end up making bad decisions or eating things that are quick and just leave me feeling gross!

Good Luck to all my sweet friends still working on their projects!

Have a good night!



What do you eat while you study/ work on projects away from home all day?!!!

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