My Version of Cookie Dough

Good Morning 🙂

Hope you all had a fun day yesterday and are looking forward to a laid back, fun-filled weekend! Speaking of weekend, I will fill you in on mine tomorrow but there is something I am DYING to share with you.

So, yesterday I was really craving some chocolate, and peanut butter AND cookie dough. Oh, okay. Well since I did not really just want to run out and buy a tub of cookie dough 😉 I decided to make a little something of my own.

I have seen this protein cookie dough recipe on STUFT Mama’s blog and always want to make it but have never gotten around to it. Yesterday was the day!

Unfortunately, I did not have even half of the ingredients so I just became a little creative. Here you have my delicious version of peanut butter cookie dough topped with a chopped up dark chocolate square. I know, SO GOOOOOOD right?! Trust me, it might not look good, but it is really tasty and a great little snack if you are not just starving but in the mood for a treat!

PB2 Cookie Dough 


PB2 (as much as you desire) + 2-3tbsp of oats + Splash or two  of almond milk (depending on how mushy you like it) + Dove dark chocolate square (chopped, makes it more like chocolate chips) 


Put PB2, oats, and almond milk in a bowl, mix it, stick it in the fridge for a bit, throw in some dark chocolate. 


What healthy snacks are you making or trying this weekend?!!

3 thoughts on “My Version of Cookie Dough

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