Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday!

This weekend was amazing 🙂 I had so much fun with my little sister and all her friends… there are too many things to even begin typing so I will leave you with some pictures!! Have a great week!



Hey friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Hope you all had a great week 🙂 My week went by SUPER slow and was quite stressful for a multiple amount of reasons but I will not bore you with the boring details of it…

What I want to focus on is unwinding from a crazy week! Even though the week technically is not over on Thursday and I still have class/ studying to do on Fridays, my little sis is coming in town today and it feels like the weekend!

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I needed to take a little personal time. I went to Bikram and then walked around Whole Foods. I got the most delicious humongous salad with tons of veggies (I swear they are in there somewhere!!) and grilled salmon.

While I was walking around, I was super thirsty and this little drink looked very refreshing so naturally I sipped on it while I took my time making my salad and browsing. I LOVE going to the grocery store, it makes me relaxed and happy (just call me 110 years old).

Elizabeth, Baxter and I were dying for a glass of wine as giant as my body  and we went to the Palomar around 10pm. We sat outside on the comfy couches by the fire and enjoyed our wine. I also ordered a piece of chocolate cake. I said it was for us to share but really Elizabeth and Baxter HATE chocolate cake. I know, right? WHO AM I FRIENDS WITH??? Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed a few bites of this cake.

Red wine + chocolate cake + best friends = a recipe for happiness.

I hope that you all get to take some time to wind down from this week! Oh… and here is an article that says red wine relieves your stress. So it is proven right 😉

Off to get my ass kicked workout at Fusion Fitness! Have a great day!!


Questions for you:

How do you wind down?! TELL ME!!

What are you plans for the weekend??

WIAW: {Random Mini Meals and Starvin Marvin}

Hey friends!

Okay so you might remember me telling you on Monday that my goal for this week was mini meals. Why? Well, I really want to keep my blood sugar levels up so I do not turn into a Grizzly and then eat everything in sight. So far my attempt has been pretty good!! The only thing is the new workout class that I have been doing, Fusion Fitness, is making me a starvin marvin!

I mean all day today I constantly was so hungry but in an attempt to stick to my goal, I just went with it! PLEASE check out my article for today on Fusion Fitness: Feel the fusion of fitness in the design district. I am literally obsessed with the class! I will post more details about it soon 🙂

So, onto my WIAW FILLED with random mini meals (A LOT of them, much more than usual!!).

5:45 am Pre-workout Breakfast part 1:

Half a banana + small spoonfull of almond butter

8:00am Post-workout Breakfast part 2:

English muffin + Justins Honey PB + sprinkle of chia seeds + half a banana

12:00 Lunch part 1 (I WAS SO HUNGRY!):

Green monster berry smoothie (frozen berries + yogurt + a TON of spinach + sprinkle of chia seeds) + a Kashi granola bar (this was supposed to be my snack but my smoothie did not really fill me up 😦 )

1:45pm Snack:

My eyes were closing at Starbucks, so I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte with an extra shot of espresso and only 1 pump of the vanilla SF syrup instead of 2.

3:15pm Lunch part 2:

I came home ravenous from studying. I had 2 slices of deli turkey with a tomato rolled up in the middle + mustard + a small side of sweet potato fries (ya’ll know I am not going to pass up anything sweet potato).

6:45pm Dinner part 1:

I went to a dinner for Panhellenic tonight in honor of my best friend Elizabeth!! YAY! I am so proud of you!!!!!! At the dinner all I had was the smallest salad you have ever seen, a side of green beans and a wheat roll. Maybe that is dinner for some people, but NOT ME!!

8:30pm Dinner part 2:

I had a small bowl of Kashi Berry Crunch+ PB Puffins + Kashi Heart to Heart with a few slices of a banana (not even half) + almond milk. I really was not in the mood for anything but my stomach was telling me to eat and I knew I would be up late working on a project!!


Hope you enjoyed my WIAW! Have a great night 🙂

Back in Action Monday

Good morning!!

Okay so after taking a little break from blogging last week, I am back in action  I missed LoveMintChocolateChip!!

This weekend was awesome. My parents came in town for Kappa Dad’s weekend and it was so relaxing and nice to be with them. I know I have been trying so hard lately to be good with taking pictures, but I was awful this weekend. Oh well.

Friday night we went to have drinks at the Monkey Bar in Mi Cocina and then ended up staying there for dinner.  I think this meal is my weekend staple and after last week, I needed a Mambo Taxi.

Mambo Taxi

Saturday morning I woke up, did a quick little run, got ready and picked up daddy to go to a brunch with my friends and their dad’s at Nick and Sams Grill. A gazillion bottomless mimosas later, we headed to TopGolf to the “Kappa Klassic” golf tournament.

It was such a gorgeous day outside and everyone had a blast!

Later in the afternoon Daddy dropped me off at Neimans and my mom and I did a little shopping and got makeovers! I have not gotten new make up in SO long so it was really fun to get a new face with my mom. The way she justified it to my dad was by saying “This is probably the last time we will ever have to buy her all new makeup again.” WHAT?!! That makes me feel SO old. This time in one year I will be on my own dime, that is more than scary.

Saturday night we went with a small group to dinner at Al Biernat’s. I honestly am not a big steak person so very rarely do I order one, but I was craving one and I LOVE the steak there. Needless to say, it was a delicious meal with even better company (and wine, obviously).

They had to get back early Sunday so we just grabbed a quick breakfast at the Palomar where they were staying and then they headed back :(. I ran a few errands then went for a run on the Katy Trail!! It was SCORCHING outside and I loved it.

After my run I ran back to the Palomar for a facial at Exhale Spa. It was more than relaxing and just what my skin needed. I got a few new things and am hoping it will help my skin look better :/

Last night Mallory’s sweet mom let us come over to her house to have a dinner for our chapter advisor who is leaving next year (:() and to welcome our new one!

We had Coal Vines pizza (remember it is my favorite?!), ceaser salad, fruit and Mal’s famous homemade brownies 😉 So yummy! It was really fun and we just sat outside and visited and enjoyed the fabulous weather!

This morning I woke up and went to a new workout class with Hillary!! It kicked our butts. Literally. More to come on that later because it is for my Daily Campus article on Wednesday. I love getting in an early workout and having it over with. It gives me more energy and helps me to power through the day.

Back to my normal schedule this week and I could not be happier. I will be sure to pop in and annoy you all even more with every detail of my life 🙂 The rest of the day I plan on studying, going to a few meetings, dinner with a friend and getting to bed early!

Happy, happy Monday!!


Question: Do you have any goals for this week?

My Goals for this week: Mini-meals throughout the day!! I used to be really good about this but not lately :/

Stuck in the J School

Hi everyone! 🙂

So you may remember me telling you on Monday that I was in a funk. And I have not been back since!

Well, I think my anticipation over how rough I was expecting this week to be was realllly stressing me out.

I am more than anal about my schedule (as my closest friends and family are rolling their eyes right now) and so whenever I have a packed week, I get awful anxiety over how everything will play out! And I do NOT like getting off my normal schedule of eating, working out, etc.

Needless to say after not a lot of sleep, only getting in 2 so-so crazy quick workouts this week, a LOT of junk food (think fro yo, ice cream, CHOCOLATE, puppy chow galore) and an all-nighter last night, I am ready to get back into my normal routine.

This is how one of my friends captured me during class today. How PERFECT for my humor 🙂

The worst part about today is that I could not crawl back in bed after I turned everything in!! I have a few more meetings and then I am going to go for a much needed sweat session at Bikram and crawl in my bed and die ( okay, I am being REALLY DRAMATIC)!

All-nighters do not do good things for me. They make me feel all funky and gross.

I promise I will be back to posting normal tomorrow!!

Have you all read this story? I know that my friends and I are so inspired by it. While this SMU runner Monica Korra suffered one of the most tragic accidents I can ever imagine, it was through her running that she was able to persevere and heal. Check it out!: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/7811224/smu-cross-country-runner-monika-korra-survived-brutal-rape-tells-story

Mom and daddy come tomorrow! I am hoping that after a night of good sleep, I will finally be functioning like a normal person 🙂

Hope yall are having a happy thirsty Thursday!!!!!!!

In a Funk

Hi everyone!

I will update you on this weekend at some point!! It was SO much fun but I am feeling so crazy and in such a funk. I think I just hate Mondays 🙂 haha and this week is going to be insane school wise!!

Reminding myself of this:

Happy Monday!

Things I am loving Thursday

Hi friends!

So if you have been reading for a little while, you might have noticed I tend to be VERY routine in pretty much everything I do.

However, I promise I am not weird and I do branch out 😉 so I decided to do a little post on random things I am loving right now (14 to be exact and you HAVE to read all of them because I saved the best for last)…

1. Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers… I saw these in the KKG mini kitchen the other day and had to snap a pic! Obviously love anything Lilly and how CUTE are these?!

2. Pears in season. They are so juicy! Dipped  in yogurt they are the perfect afternoon snack.

3. “Sweat-it-and-shed-it” workout. I found this in my Oxygen magazine in the airport Sunday. Why do I love it so much? Well, the intensity is not crazy and the speeds honestly are not all that fast, but sometimes if I am doing early morning workouts I feel sick if I go all out and this little interval workout is perfect to break a little sweat and get my heart pumping early in the morning!

4. Homemade tuna salad. I know this for sure grosses most of y’all out… but I love it! I use a can of tuna + drizzle of honey mustard, mustard, low fat mayo with chopped up celery and cucumbers. Full of protein and so much staying power.

5. Early morning energizers. Speaking of early in the morning… I have made it my goal for April to get moving right when I wake up at least two to three times a week. Even if this means I only go for a 1.5 mile run and save the rest for later like I did yesterday, or a 20 minute walk! It really just makes my day SO much better and I feel more energized if I start it with some exercise. Obviously this will not happen every day, but I hope it will become a habit!


6. The warm weather. It is perfect for walking to Zoe’s with best friends and enjoying a nice dinner outside (I would say Zoe’s and my best friends are random things I am loving… but let’s be real, I ALWAYS am obsessed with them. I am sure that my friends are thrilled they are being put in the same category with Zoe’s and they love even more that I make them pose for the blog).

7. BarreAmped. My friends and I took this class just last night! It was amazing. One of our sweet Kappa advisors offered us a free class and we were ALL over it. My muscles were shaking and I thought my arms were going to fall off in the middle of the class. I will definitely be going back 🙂

8. Arizona Pomegranate Acai Green Tea. Love it. So refreshing!

9. Sweet potatoes. I think I might have a slight addiction/ problem. I actually wake up craving sweet potatoes. Confession: I went to the grocery store and spend $3 on 5 sweet potatoes and then sent P a picture of me with a single sweet potato smiling, cant you see why he loves me some much???? I know some people eat them with almond butter for breakfast…I do not think I could take my obsession that far.

10. #Whatshouldwecallme. Elizabeth, thanks for getting me so addicted! Haha I usually do not think stupid things like this are funny. But OH. MY. GOSH. every single one of the is hilarious. She sent this one to Parker and it honestly describes me to the tee: When I want a bite of my boyfriends food

11. This picture. How cute! Rollins just sent me this. It just makes me smile.

12. Our precious house mom, Mom Jill putting my favorite recipes in my box. She knows what a foodie I am and she put this Greek Quesadillas recipe in my mailbox so I could have it to make at home. She is the sweetest, kindest lady in the ENTIRE world and always does little things to make our day.

13. This quote:

14. Getting to see Parker TWO weekends in a row! This is the most exciting of them all 🙂 He will be here tomorrow and I am so excited I can not even sit still!! I hope this day flies by so fast so I do not lose my mind. I know seven years later I am still the same 14 year old obsessed with him. If he reads this, he will probably puke. LOVE YOU!!

Happy THURSDAY!!!!

WIAW: {Snacky Day Edition}

Good morning!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week so far. This week has been great except for it was kind of hard to get back into the swing of things after my fabulous weekend!

In case you missed it, recaps of my Easter weekend: The Best Date Day Ever and showcasing my insane family on The Parker Family Animal Farm.

Before I get to my WIAW I wanted to share with you all some exciting news since so many of you have asked and I know have been thinking about and praying for her! Rollins has chosen Chapman! My family is beyond thrilled and I have already been looking at my calendar trying to figure out how I can get out there ASAP next Fall!

So, onto my eats. I kinda snacked my way through the day but for some reason after dinner I was so full I thought I was going to pop. I have no idea why. I think my salad beast at dinner went a little over-board 😉 or something!!

As always, thanks Jenn for hosting this!


Pre-Workout Snack:

Since I worked out early yesterday morning, I grabbed a half banana with pb to tide me over but forgot to snap a picture! This is my favorite pre-workout mini meal. It holds me over but does not make me feel sick or crampy.


My favorite cereal combo. Kashi Go Lean + Kashi Heart to Heart + Handful of PB Puffins and Oatmeal Squares. So good and I really do fill it up this much!


Smoothie (recycled pic!). Since it is hot outside, I am REALLY loving my smoothies lately.This one included frozen strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, spinach, splash of OJ, water, greek yogurt and a little Activia.

As a matter of fact, my article for The Daily Campus today is How to build a healthy homemade smoothie. Check it out!

Snack 1: 

Handful of Pirates Booty. I have GOT to get unaddicted to this stuff. If I stay near the bag, it is dangerous.

Snack 2: 

So, I honestly was not even hungry BUT we had these amazing looking peanut butter icing on chocolate chip cookie doughy cupcakes at the kkg house for lunch dessert yesterday. I know. It took EVERYTHING in my will power to stay away. Since I had seen these, I was naturally craving pb and chocolate and could not get it out of my head.

I decided to take the healthy route and make some of my PB2 Cookie Dough. Delicious. Satisfying. Healthy. Who would have thought?!


One of my favorite meals at KKG! Grilled chicken kabobs (chicken, pineapple, bell peppers, onions) + greek salad (I added like 2 cups of spinach with the salad)  + brussel sprouts!

Bite of Dessert: 

Well I don’t know if you really would call this dessert, I mean I would not, but I had a BITE of this salted chocolate chip caramel pie. I had to show yall this though. Are you drooling?!!! Oh my goodness. Heaven in a bite. I knew I had to walk away immediately. NOT that I ever think twice about having dessert and if I want it I absolutely do not deprive myself, but I really did not want it and would have just been eating to eat since my dinner was so filling.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!! I hope it is filled with a LOT of veggies:) and FUN!

The Parker Animal Farm

Good morning!

So the last time I left you all, I had just had the best day date ever on Friday!

On Saturday morning, I ended up sleeping in until 9 again!! My grandparents from Memphis were in town so I chatted with them over coffee before getting dressed and heading to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

Grandmama and Grandaddy at my highschool graduation

We met up with my 6 year old cousin and my other grandparents. It was so cute to see all of the little kids having so much fun! I did not stay for very long because I had lunch plans but it was absolutely beautiful outside so I tried to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible!!

My cousin, Julia!

I met up with one of my best friends since we were little, Cecilia, for lunch! I am living with her this summer in DC (more details to come on that…) but we had a great time making plans and catching up. I can NOT WAIT to spend all summer with her! She really is one of the sweetest people I know.

After lunch my sister and I went shopping with Grandmama to find her an Easter dress and I ended up getting a really cute pink top as well!

Once we got home, I was getting kind of cranky and knew I needed to hit the pavement ASAP to spare my family of my lovely mood :)…..5 miles later I was as happy as a clown! I took Eloise on a quick walk for a cool down.

Speaking of Eloise, I have yet to introduce you all to the OTHER part of my family… my animals.

My house is honestly like a funny farm and ALL of my animals have their own personalities. Everyone at home knows how much we love our animals and somehow stray animals always find their way to us. They are like little people. And maybe they are a little spoiled… 😉

For today, we have five. But that could quickly change depending on who end up in our driveway haha. My poor daddy!!


Emma is the absolute LOVE OF MY LIFE. P gave her to me for our one year anniversary! She has absolutely no idea she is a dog and when I die, I want to come back as Emma. Oh and she does not know her name. Well she does but she responds to all different things. We call her lil gil, Scootie, Jeanie, Scruffy, you know, all kinds of other normal names.


Ellie is the sweetest girl ever! Rollins found her at school and she has been ours ever since. She clearly belonged to a family because she is such a sweet dog and loves people. However, we think she was abandoned and may have suffered some abuse for a few years 😦 Now she is the happiest girl on the planet and has the best life!


Mr. Sonny has been around since I was in the 4th grade. He used to be huge but gets skinnier and skinnier with old age. He is the best cat and even people who are not cat lovers adore him. Sonny is a hoot. He just hangs out and probably moves a total of ten steps all day long.


Oliver was another rescue cat that my sisters found when he just a few weeks old. Olli really is the miracle cat. Last year he got stuck in the shrubbery on the side of our house and twisted his spine trying to get out. The vet said there was no way he would be able to walk on his back legs ever again. After lots of prayers (my sisters put this all over facebook, twitter, etc. and had the entire town praying for the cat… I told you we are crazy) and a lot of physical therapy, he survived and walks just fine. But since he has always been so babied, he has NO idea he is a cat or an animal for that matter.


Boy is the newest member of our family. We always joke that my house is the “cat club” where all the neighborhood cats come to hang out. It really is quite hilarious but the cats just come and go but Boy never really left and eventually we decided to adopt him. Boy is a Tom Cat. His head is almost as big as mine and he is bigger/ weighs more than Emma does. He is hilarious though and definitely a fun addition to our family!


Now that all of you probably want to submit my family into one of those intervention reality TV shows for our obsession with our animals…..

Saturday night we met up with my cousins and went to eat at my favorite resturaunt, Keifers. It was just as delicious as it always is! And is such a fun, casual place to have good conversation.

Becca and Bonnie

Devouring the hummus

Of course, Grandaddy entertained us with his “jokes” (how PRECIOUS is he?!).

That night P and I just hung out and watched a movie!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to get ready for church with my family! I love the mornings at my house SO much especially on Sundays.

Parker girls

After church we all went to eat lunch and then I went to Parkers to say hello to his family and tell his parents bye!


Now I am back in Dallas and ready to tackle this crazy week. If I can just make it until Friday.

Happy MONDAY!!

Best Day Date Ever

Hey friends!!

Long time no talk.. sorry about that! From the time I got home on Thursday it has been go, go, go!! On Thursday, Parker picked me up from the airport and we went to meet my grandmother and aunt for lunch at Newks and the rest of the afternoon was spent helping my sister get ready for prom!!

We had so much fun and since Rollins and my mom are out of town, I played mom and went with my dad to take pictures! Becca looked SO gorgeous as always! I can not even believe how grown up she is. She looked older than me 😦 Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, Becca has the kindest, most gentle heart of anyone I know!

After the picture taking, my dad, P and I decided we needed a beverage PRONTO. So we went to Bravo! So yummy. Daddy and I split a grilled chicken pizza and had a side salad (unpictured) and Parker had some really spicy pasta thing!

When we got home that night… Parker proved to me that he really does know the way to my heart 🙂 this picture does not even kind of do this bowl of ice cream justice. It was bigger than my head.

SOO.. now onto my best day date ever. We did not do anything fancy but just having the chance to spend time together was amazing!! Friday morning I slept in so late (9:15 WOO)!! and lounged around for a little bit then Parker and I leashed up Gumbo for a walk and ended up taking her to this little bridge and let her swim and threw the tennis ball to her. Talk about one happy lab! And she was EXHAUSTED by the time we got back.

Best Friends


We quickly changed and went to eat at Strawberry Cafe, one of my most favorite resturaunts at home! It is so cute and quaint but they have a ton of delecious healthy options and all of their foods tastes so fresh.

Cheesy pita and hummus appetizer

Softshell crab po-boy for P

Artichoke and crab soup for P

Grilled Salmon salad for me

After lunch we ran a bunch of errands and just hung out together… and you know a day date would not be complete without a froyo trip 🙂

Last night we went with his mom to Amerigo’s and had a delicious dinner. I ordered the cedar plank salmon (salmon twice in one day, I was in a fishy mood!!). It came with mixed veggies (zuchinni and squash) and asiago cheesey potatoes. DELICIOUS!! The lighting in these pics is kinda tragic!

Artichoke dip for appetizer

Cedarplank Salmon for me

Happy full bellies 🙂

Yesterday was such a fun day! I loved every minute of it. It was so nice to finally spend time with P without an agenda!! I definitely wish we could have more date-days.

I can not WAIT for my mom and Ro to get home today! I will update you on what I did today later 🙂 I do not want to bore you with all of my life details.

Have a Happy Easter!! Hope you are having a fun filled weekend with lots of yummy eats and loved ones!