My Weekend in Pictures

Hey friends!

I decided I would share most of my weekend with you in pictures… very relaxed… yummy eats… and a LOT of schoolwork 🙂 


SMU Fashion Week ending fashion show (YAY GRACE!! I am so proud of you!), Sing Song (ya’ll were amazing!), Study snacks, dinner at Penne Pomodoro with awesome friends.


Waffles for breakfast, great workout Mani and pedi with my bigs, loving this warm weather for on the go smoothies, studying, dinner and catching up with Jamie at Taco Diner, ice cream and Netflix


Mom Jill’s (our Kappa house mom) amazing banana bread that she makes every Sunday, fresh fruit, Bikram yoga, homeade tuna salad with Wasa crackers, Theta dodgeball and the afternoon at Starbucks

I ended the day with a home cooked meal at RUF leaders house Thanks again Chad and Jada! Best meal I have had in forever!!! Smoked salmon + white cheddar mashed potatoes + spring salad + french bread. HEAVEN!

Have an awesome Monday!! 🙂

Tell ME: How was your weekend?!!!!!!!!!?

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