Best Day Date Ever

Hey friends!!

Long time no talk.. sorry about that! From the time I got home on Thursday it has been go, go, go!! On Thursday, Parker picked me up from the airport and we went to meet my grandmother and aunt for lunch at Newks and the rest of the afternoon was spent helping my sister get ready for prom!!

We had so much fun and since Rollins and my mom are out of town, I played mom and went with my dad to take pictures! Becca looked SO gorgeous as always! I can not even believe how grown up she is. She looked older than me 😦 Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, Becca has the kindest, most gentle heart of anyone I know!

After the picture taking, my dad, P and I decided we needed a beverage PRONTO. So we went to Bravo! So yummy. Daddy and I split a grilled chicken pizza and had a side salad (unpictured) and Parker had some really spicy pasta thing!

When we got home that night… Parker proved to me that he really does know the way to my heart 🙂 this picture does not even kind of do this bowl of ice cream justice. It was bigger than my head.

SOO.. now onto my best day date ever. We did not do anything fancy but just having the chance to spend time together was amazing!! Friday morning I slept in so late (9:15 WOO)!! and lounged around for a little bit then Parker and I leashed up Gumbo for a walk and ended up taking her to this little bridge and let her swim and threw the tennis ball to her. Talk about one happy lab! And she was EXHAUSTED by the time we got back.

Best Friends


We quickly changed and went to eat at Strawberry Cafe, one of my most favorite resturaunts at home! It is so cute and quaint but they have a ton of delecious healthy options and all of their foods tastes so fresh.

Cheesy pita and hummus appetizer

Softshell crab po-boy for P

Artichoke and crab soup for P

Grilled Salmon salad for me

After lunch we ran a bunch of errands and just hung out together… and you know a day date would not be complete without a froyo trip 🙂

Last night we went with his mom to Amerigo’s and had a delicious dinner. I ordered the cedar plank salmon (salmon twice in one day, I was in a fishy mood!!). It came with mixed veggies (zuchinni and squash) and asiago cheesey potatoes. DELICIOUS!! The lighting in these pics is kinda tragic!

Artichoke dip for appetizer

Cedarplank Salmon for me

Happy full bellies 🙂

Yesterday was such a fun day! I loved every minute of it. It was so nice to finally spend time with P without an agenda!! I definitely wish we could have more date-days.

I can not WAIT for my mom and Ro to get home today! I will update you on what I did today later 🙂 I do not want to bore you with all of my life details.

Have a Happy Easter!! Hope you are having a fun filled weekend with lots of yummy eats and loved ones!