The Parker Animal Farm

Good morning!

So the last time I left you all, I had just had the best day date ever on Friday!

On Saturday morning, I ended up sleeping in until 9 again!! My grandparents from Memphis were in town so I chatted with them over coffee before getting dressed and heading to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

Grandmama and Grandaddy at my highschool graduation

We met up with my 6 year old cousin and my other grandparents. It was so cute to see all of the little kids having so much fun! I did not stay for very long because I had lunch plans but it was absolutely beautiful outside so I tried to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible!!

My cousin, Julia!

I met up with one of my best friends since we were little, Cecilia, for lunch! I am living with her this summer in DC (more details to come on that…) but we had a great time making plans and catching up. I can NOT WAIT to spend all summer with her! She really is one of the sweetest people I know.

After lunch my sister and I went shopping with Grandmama to find her an Easter dress and I ended up getting a really cute pink top as well!

Once we got home, I was getting kind of cranky and knew I needed to hit the pavement ASAP to spare my family of my lovely mood :)…..5 miles later I was as happy as a clown! I took Eloise on a quick walk for a cool down.

Speaking of Eloise, I have yet to introduce you all to the OTHER part of my family… my animals.

My house is honestly like a funny farm and ALL of my animals have their own personalities. Everyone at home knows how much we love our animals and somehow stray animals always find their way to us. They are like little people. And maybe they are a little spoiled… 😉

For today, we have five. But that could quickly change depending on who end up in our driveway haha. My poor daddy!!


Emma is the absolute LOVE OF MY LIFE. P gave her to me for our one year anniversary! She has absolutely no idea she is a dog and when I die, I want to come back as Emma. Oh and she does not know her name. Well she does but she responds to all different things. We call her lil gil, Scootie, Jeanie, Scruffy, you know, all kinds of other normal names.


Ellie is the sweetest girl ever! Rollins found her at school and she has been ours ever since. She clearly belonged to a family because she is such a sweet dog and loves people. However, we think she was abandoned and may have suffered some abuse for a few years 😦 Now she is the happiest girl on the planet and has the best life!


Mr. Sonny has been around since I was in the 4th grade. He used to be huge but gets skinnier and skinnier with old age. He is the best cat and even people who are not cat lovers adore him. Sonny is a hoot. He just hangs out and probably moves a total of ten steps all day long.


Oliver was another rescue cat that my sisters found when he just a few weeks old. Olli really is the miracle cat. Last year he got stuck in the shrubbery on the side of our house and twisted his spine trying to get out. The vet said there was no way he would be able to walk on his back legs ever again. After lots of prayers (my sisters put this all over facebook, twitter, etc. and had the entire town praying for the cat… I told you we are crazy) and a lot of physical therapy, he survived and walks just fine. But since he has always been so babied, he has NO idea he is a cat or an animal for that matter.


Boy is the newest member of our family. We always joke that my house is the “cat club” where all the neighborhood cats come to hang out. It really is quite hilarious but the cats just come and go but Boy never really left and eventually we decided to adopt him. Boy is a Tom Cat. His head is almost as big as mine and he is bigger/ weighs more than Emma does. He is hilarious though and definitely a fun addition to our family!


Now that all of you probably want to submit my family into one of those intervention reality TV shows for our obsession with our animals…..

Saturday night we met up with my cousins and went to eat at my favorite resturaunt, Keifers. It was just as delicious as it always is! And is such a fun, casual place to have good conversation.

Becca and Bonnie

Devouring the hummus

Of course, Grandaddy entertained us with his “jokes” (how PRECIOUS is he?!).

That night P and I just hung out and watched a movie!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to get ready for church with my family! I love the mornings at my house SO much especially on Sundays.

Parker girls

After church we all went to eat lunch and then I went to Parkers to say hello to his family and tell his parents bye!


Now I am back in Dallas and ready to tackle this crazy week. If I can just make it until Friday.

Happy MONDAY!!


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