Things I am loving Thursday

Hi friends!

So if you have been reading for a little while, you might have noticed I tend to be VERY routine in pretty much everything I do.

However, I promise I am not weird and I do branch out 😉 so I decided to do a little post on random things I am loving right now (14 to be exact and you HAVE to read all of them because I saved the best for last)…

1. Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers… I saw these in the KKG mini kitchen the other day and had to snap a pic! Obviously love anything Lilly and how CUTE are these?!

2. Pears in season. They are so juicy! Dipped  in yogurt they are the perfect afternoon snack.

3. “Sweat-it-and-shed-it” workout. I found this in my Oxygen magazine in the airport Sunday. Why do I love it so much? Well, the intensity is not crazy and the speeds honestly are not all that fast, but sometimes if I am doing early morning workouts I feel sick if I go all out and this little interval workout is perfect to break a little sweat and get my heart pumping early in the morning!

4. Homemade tuna salad. I know this for sure grosses most of y’all out… but I love it! I use a can of tuna + drizzle of honey mustard, mustard, low fat mayo with chopped up celery and cucumbers. Full of protein and so much staying power.

5. Early morning energizers. Speaking of early in the morning… I have made it my goal for April to get moving right when I wake up at least two to three times a week. Even if this means I only go for a 1.5 mile run and save the rest for later like I did yesterday, or a 20 minute walk! It really just makes my day SO much better and I feel more energized if I start it with some exercise. Obviously this will not happen every day, but I hope it will become a habit!


6. The warm weather. It is perfect for walking to Zoe’s with best friends and enjoying a nice dinner outside (I would say Zoe’s and my best friends are random things I am loving… but let’s be real, I ALWAYS am obsessed with them. I am sure that my friends are thrilled they are being put in the same category with Zoe’s and they love even more that I make them pose for the blog).

7. BarreAmped. My friends and I took this class just last night! It was amazing. One of our sweet Kappa advisors offered us a free class and we were ALL over it. My muscles were shaking and I thought my arms were going to fall off in the middle of the class. I will definitely be going back 🙂

8. Arizona Pomegranate Acai Green Tea. Love it. So refreshing!

9. Sweet potatoes. I think I might have a slight addiction/ problem. I actually wake up craving sweet potatoes. Confession: I went to the grocery store and spend $3 on 5 sweet potatoes and then sent P a picture of me with a single sweet potato smiling, cant you see why he loves me some much???? I know some people eat them with almond butter for breakfast…I do not think I could take my obsession that far.

10. #Whatshouldwecallme. Elizabeth, thanks for getting me so addicted! Haha I usually do not think stupid things like this are funny. But OH. MY. GOSH. every single one of the is hilarious. She sent this one to Parker and it honestly describes me to the tee: When I want a bite of my boyfriends food

11. This picture. How cute! Rollins just sent me this. It just makes me smile.

12. Our precious house mom, Mom Jill putting my favorite recipes in my box. She knows what a foodie I am and she put this Greek Quesadillas recipe in my mailbox so I could have it to make at home. She is the sweetest, kindest lady in the ENTIRE world and always does little things to make our day.

13. This quote:

14. Getting to see Parker TWO weekends in a row! This is the most exciting of them all 🙂 He will be here tomorrow and I am so excited I can not even sit still!! I hope this day flies by so fast so I do not lose my mind. I know seven years later I am still the same 14 year old obsessed with him. If he reads this, he will probably puke. LOVE YOU!!

Happy THURSDAY!!!!


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