Back in Action Monday

Good morning!!

Okay so after taking a little break from blogging last week, I am back in action  I missed LoveMintChocolateChip!!

This weekend was awesome. My parents came in town for Kappa Dad’s weekend and it was so relaxing and nice to be with them. I know I have been trying so hard lately to be good with taking pictures, but I was awful this weekend. Oh well.

Friday night we went to have drinks at the Monkey Bar in Mi Cocina and then ended up staying there for dinner.  I think this meal is my weekend staple and after last week, I needed a Mambo Taxi.

Mambo Taxi

Saturday morning I woke up, did a quick little run, got ready and picked up daddy to go to a brunch with my friends and their dad’s at Nick and Sams Grill. A gazillion bottomless mimosas later, we headed to TopGolf to the “Kappa Klassic” golf tournament.

It was such a gorgeous day outside and everyone had a blast!

Later in the afternoon Daddy dropped me off at Neimans and my mom and I did a little shopping and got makeovers! I have not gotten new make up in SO long so it was really fun to get a new face with my mom. The way she justified it to my dad was by saying “This is probably the last time we will ever have to buy her all new makeup again.” WHAT?!! That makes me feel SO old. This time in one year I will be on my own dime, that is more than scary.

Saturday night we went with a small group to dinner at Al Biernat’s. I honestly am not a big steak person so very rarely do I order one, but I was craving one and I LOVE the steak there. Needless to say, it was a delicious meal with even better company (and wine, obviously).

They had to get back early Sunday so we just grabbed a quick breakfast at the Palomar where they were staying and then they headed back :(. I ran a few errands then went for a run on the Katy Trail!! It was SCORCHING outside and I loved it.

After my run I ran back to the Palomar for a facial at Exhale Spa. It was more than relaxing and just what my skin needed. I got a few new things and am hoping it will help my skin look better :/

Last night Mallory’s sweet mom let us come over to her house to have a dinner for our chapter advisor who is leaving next year (:() and to welcome our new one!

We had Coal Vines pizza (remember it is my favorite?!), ceaser salad, fruit and Mal’s famous homemade brownies 😉 So yummy! It was really fun and we just sat outside and visited and enjoyed the fabulous weather!

This morning I woke up and went to a new workout class with Hillary!! It kicked our butts. Literally. More to come on that later because it is for my Daily Campus article on Wednesday. I love getting in an early workout and having it over with. It gives me more energy and helps me to power through the day.

Back to my normal schedule this week and I could not be happier. I will be sure to pop in and annoy you all even more with every detail of my life 🙂 The rest of the day I plan on studying, going to a few meetings, dinner with a friend and getting to bed early!

Happy, happy Monday!!


Question: Do you have any goals for this week?

My Goals for this week: Mini-meals throughout the day!! I used to be really good about this but not lately :/


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