WIAW: {Random Mini Meals and Starvin Marvin}

Hey friends!

Okay so you might remember me telling you on Monday that my goal for this week was mini meals. Why? Well, I really want to keep my blood sugar levels up so I do not turn into a Grizzly and then eat everything in sight. So far my attempt has been pretty good!! The only thing is the new workout class that I have been doing, Fusion Fitness, is making me a starvin marvin!

I mean all day today I constantly was so hungry but in an attempt to stick to my goal, I just went with it! PLEASE check out my article for today on Fusion Fitness: Feel the fusion of fitness in the design district. I am literally obsessed with the class! I will post more details about it soon 🙂

So, onto my WIAW FILLED with random mini meals (A LOT of them, much more than usual!!).

5:45 am Pre-workout Breakfast part 1:

Half a banana + small spoonfull of almond butter

8:00am Post-workout Breakfast part 2:

English muffin + Justins Honey PB + sprinkle of chia seeds + half a banana

12:00 Lunch part 1 (I WAS SO HUNGRY!):

Green monster berry smoothie (frozen berries + yogurt + a TON of spinach + sprinkle of chia seeds) + a Kashi granola bar (this was supposed to be my snack but my smoothie did not really fill me up 😦 )

1:45pm Snack:

My eyes were closing at Starbucks, so I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte with an extra shot of espresso and only 1 pump of the vanilla SF syrup instead of 2.

3:15pm Lunch part 2:

I came home ravenous from studying. I had 2 slices of deli turkey with a tomato rolled up in the middle + mustard + a small side of sweet potato fries (ya’ll know I am not going to pass up anything sweet potato).

6:45pm Dinner part 1:

I went to a dinner for Panhellenic tonight in honor of my best friend Elizabeth!! YAY! I am so proud of you!!!!!! At the dinner all I had was the smallest salad you have ever seen, a side of green beans and a wheat roll. Maybe that is dinner for some people, but NOT ME!!

8:30pm Dinner part 2:

I had a small bowl of Kashi Berry Crunch+ PB Puffins + Kashi Heart to Heart with a few slices of a banana (not even half) + almond milk. I really was not in the mood for anything but my stomach was telling me to eat and I knew I would be up late working on a project!!


Hope you enjoyed my WIAW! Have a great night 🙂


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