Hey friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Hope you all had a great week 🙂 My week went by SUPER slow and was quite stressful for a multiple amount of reasons but I will not bore you with the boring details of it…

What I want to focus on is unwinding from a crazy week! Even though the week technically is not over on Thursday and I still have class/ studying to do on Fridays, my little sis is coming in town today and it feels like the weekend!

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I needed to take a little personal time. I went to Bikram and then walked around Whole Foods. I got the most delicious humongous salad with tons of veggies (I swear they are in there somewhere!!) and grilled salmon.

While I was walking around, I was super thirsty and this little drink looked very refreshing so naturally I sipped on it while I took my time making my salad and browsing. I LOVE going to the grocery store, it makes me relaxed and happy (just call me 110 years old).

Elizabeth, Baxter and I were dying for a glass of wine as giant as my body  and we went to the Palomar around 10pm. We sat outside on the comfy couches by the fire and enjoyed our wine. I also ordered a piece of chocolate cake. I said it was for us to share but really Elizabeth and Baxter HATE chocolate cake. I know, right? WHO AM I FRIENDS WITH??? Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed a few bites of this cake.

Red wine + chocolate cake + best friends = a recipe for happiness.

I hope that you all get to take some time to wind down from this week! Oh… and here is an article that says red wine relieves your stress. So it is proven right 😉

Off to get my ass kicked workout at Fusion Fitness! Have a great day!!


Questions for you:

How do you wind down?! TELL ME!!

What are you plans for the weekend??


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