Love Who You Are Tuesday

Hello sweet friends!

Just thought I would pop in for a quick second while I am studying to share my final package with you all that I just completed for my Broadcast II class. I am sharing it because hopefully it will serve as a reminder that no one is perfect and images in magazines, advertisements, etc. ARE distorted.

For our final, each person in my class had to pick a topic spin off of “how technology is effecting our world today” and my topic was photoshop and wondering whether or not the advertisements that we see today link to disordered eating. While there have not been a lot of studies done in the US showing that there is a direct link, after interviewing these 3 wonderful ladies, it is clear to me that it has an impact on young girls today.

I know that I am the first one to struggle with seeing these images and placing unrealistic expectations on myself which is the main reason why I decided to go more in depth with my research on the topic. We are constantly surrounded with pictures of girls who look next to perfect and it can be hard to not just think how great they look and want to try out whatever new diet or workout they are claiming will make you a size zero.

I think it would do all of us a little good to take a step back and remember that your are beautiful just the way you are and not to try to compare yourself with false images of what a magazine says you should be 🙂

Hope you enjoy!! Have a great Tuesday!

Check it out here:


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