WIAW {I love my J Friends Edition!!!!! :) }

Happy Wednesday!!

Hope all is well with you guys:) As usual, I documented all of my eats from yesterday for today’s WIAW!! Since I am in the middle of exams, I am trying to make sure I am eating as cleanly as possible so that I feel better. If I overstuff myself with stress study treats then I will end up just feeling grosser.

Check out my article for the this week on Survival Health Tips During Exams and On-the-go nutritious study snacks. Let’s face it, during this time of year you may not be able to eat as perfectly as you would like especially if you are crammed in the library for hours on end, but you sure can try! And that is what I am doing. I find that if I plan ahead and prepare my meals, I am much less likely to snack my way through the day. I also try to eat every few hours to keep my energy up AND workout. I will go crazy if I do not at least get moving for a little bit!!

Breakfast part 1- 5:20 am

I had to be up and going for The Daily Update so I grabbed a banana with some almond butter to tide over my grumbling stomach.

Let’s talk about yesterday’s DU for a second. It was SO sad because all of our seniors are leaving. You can watch the end of it here. (Awesome job Kent and Eric for putting it together!!) While they are a grade ahead of me, I have been in all the same classes with them for the past three years and we have all watched and helped each other grow not only to be better journalist, but better people! Clearly it is obvious that we are all obsessed with each other. I literally love every single person so much! Next year is not going to be the same without them. We have spend MANY long, long nights and early mornings together and watched the sun come up from the J school more than I would like to count :). If anyone has seen me at my best or my worst, it is definitely them. One of my most favorite things about being at SMU has been the BEST friendships I have made in the journalism school!!

Breakfast part 2- 8:30 am

 I knew I would not be home until almost lunchtime so I brought a little Greek yogurt cup + Kashi cereal with chia seeds + strawberries and blueberries  with me to make a yogurt!! (Planning ahead ;))

Pre-Workout Snack- 11 am

Just a couple of almonds for some energy!

Lunch- 2 pm

Salad beast! Let’s see if I can actually remember what all I put in this thing… Spinach and romaine lettuce + cucumbers + edamame + tomatoes + 3 slices of deli turkey + carrots + tomato + feta cheese + bell peppers + probably anything else you can think of… and a refreshing Zevia on the side!

Desert/ Snack- 3 pm

Chocolate Raw Cookies! I found these the other day at Whole Foods and I love them! Only 5 natural ingredients in some superfood cookies? I’ll take it 🙂

Dinner- 10 pm

Oh my gosh I NEVER EVER eat dinner this late but last night we had our Broadcast Final Show and it went WAY over the time we thought it would. By this time I was so hungry I was ready to knaw my arm off. And we all needed a drink immediately before we shot someone (yes, we love each other, but we have our moments). To Banditos we went!!

I IMMEDIATELY ordered a skinny marg. I had a few chips and guac/ queso but I tried my hardest to just wait until my food came.

Shrimp fajitas (no torillas, just ate the shrimp and onions!) +  a side of grilled vegetables!

This dinner hit the spot!!

When I got home I had a little bite of the Twix brownies that were sitting on the KKG counter asking me to eat them! Naturally…


Again, to all my seniors- I love you all SO much!! I can not wait to see where life takes each of you! 🙂