Friday Fitness Funzies

Hey everyone!

If you are still in the middle of exams, hope they are going well! If you do not have exams or you are done I HATE YOU! (Kidding, kind of.)

I do not have one today so I slept in a little (7:45… crazy!!) and woke up and had a fabulous breakfast of Van’s powergrain waffles (try these, they are so yummy!) + bananas + blueberries + Justins Honey PB! Now I am just laying in my bed enjoying a nice cup of coffee before I get my butt kicked at Fusion Fitness.

Speaking of Fusion Fitness, I know I keep talking about it and I shared my article with you all here: Feel the fusion of fitness in the design district , but I have had a few people ask so I just thought I would tell you kind of what we do.

Each class is about 30 minutes of cardio (when I say cardio think sprints, inclines, HIIT crazy intervals, tabata training… all those things you would never push your own self to do.. or at least I would not) + 30 minutes of circuit training with strength and resistance moves for your whole body + abs. Y’all, I am not kidding when I say this class is a killer. That is why I love it because it challenges me so much and is SO effective and efficient. I am pretty good about working out on my own but I would never push myself as hard when I am alone as I do in this class.

I wish I could go every day but I know my body better than that and while some people probably could do it everyday, I definitely could not. I can not wait to get back to Dallas in the fall and start doing it again! And I love the instructor. She is super adorable and knows her stuff! Secretly, she has my dream job 😉

I think 3 times a week of this class would be perfect mixed in with my beloved Bikram yoga or light cardio on the days off from it.

Since I am going to be home most of May and then in DC all summer without my workout classes or workout buddies, I am going to have to create my OWN workouts. The horrors I know 🙂 Just kidding, I actually am kind of excited!! Cecilia said there is a gym really close to our place so I will join that for the summer and hopefully there will be some fun classes to take… or I may train for something. WHO KNOWS?!! And I am sure I will be incorporating at lot of Jillian, P90X and yoga DVDs for the days when I may be too busy to get to the gym!

I thought I would share a few workouts with you that I have recently found and am excited to try out:

From In Sweetness and In Health:

From Courtney:

From Julie (great for the days I am in a rush!!):

From Anna:

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!! It is almost Cinco de Drinko Mayo!!! 🙂


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