Slowing Down at Home

Good morning friends!!

Sooo.. last time I left you, I was about to take a day to do nothing which is exactly what I have done for the past 48 hours. Whenever I come home my body kind of goes into shock because I finally stop and all of my tiredness hits me. Does this happen to anyone else?

Well anyways what have I been up to?!!

Thursday was spent catching up with my grandmother over lunch at Newks, laying out, and having dinner with my best friend Katie at Nagoya!! Originally I had been craving sushi all day but when she mentioned the salmon teryiaki, I immediately changed my mind. Great dinner but even better catching up with her!!!!

Friday morning I slept in, had a nice big bowl of cereal and coffee with my mom, baked these delicious cookie dough energyball bites (recipe coming soon!!) and kinda lounged around before I decided to sweat a little and do some yoga.

I took a rest day on Thursday because I was just really tired and my knee is starting to hurt which usually means I need to chill on the exercise front. Yesterday my knee did not feel all that much better but yoga was perfect. I forget how hard yoga with my girl Jillian is though, my arms are feeling it today!!

Around noon I packed up a little lunch for P and I and we headed to the beach area by the lake in his neighborhood to let Gumbo play. He has been studying for the MCAT and needed to get outdoors and needless to say, Gumbo is going stir crazy watching him study. She was having a ball playing by herself but THEN 5 new little friends came to play with her and she was in heaven. She loves little kids and it was nice letting them entertain her while we ate šŸ™‚

Half of a spinach wrap for me + turkey + tomato + sprinkle of parmesean + spinach leaves+ mustard and a side of strawberries and blackberries. Whole wheat sandwich for P + turkey + bacon + avacado + Havarti cheese + hummus + spinach leaves and a side of apples and cracked pepper chips (okay, I helped him eat the chips!).

Last night I was in my PJS by 6. It was raining and just you know, one of those nights. Dad picked up salads to go and P watched Gossip Girl with me! This morning my daddy, sisters and I were up bright and early for a 5K. We had SO much fun and we got completely soaked when the downpour came. My dad beat us and is very proud of himself to say the least, let’s hope he is moving tomorrow… he looks so happy in the picture below……..

Don’t you wish you were a part of my completely normal family? After the race, we went to Primos for breakfast! I had two eggs over easy + wheat toast + fruit + turkey sausage and COFFEE and Dad ordered blueberry pancakes for us to all share (HEAVENLY!!). Such a fun way to start the day šŸ™‚

Mom and I are about to go see a new movie and I am hoping I can talk her into some new running shoes?!? Maybe?!



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