Hey friends!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was AWESOME! Filled with tons of family time, yummy food and just relaxing. Oh… and the MCAT IS OVER so I finally got to spend longer than 2 hours in a day with P. Sadly that only lasted for 48 hours because he left for the summer this morning 😦

I was so sad to see him go this morning. I went to tell him bye early this morning. I cried like a baby. I really do not know why. We hardly ever get to see each other during the school year but for some reason this goodbye was really hard for me.

Nothing that a little lunch at Keifer’s with my best friend EVER, Katie, and later a GIGANTIC Diet Coke and chocolate chip cookie can not fix 😉 I do not drink soda often but when I “need” one, it really hits the spot. Anyone else?

So, back to this weekend… What were we up to?!


After a long walk with P and Gumbo…My grandparents came in town for the weekend and we had a family dinner at Bravo to celebrate Rollins graduation.

Rollins blowing out candles for graduation HAHA.


Afternoon fro yo date at Menchie’s 🙂 (Can you guess which one is mine? You KNOW I am not the one who went and got a cup of honeydew sorbet…)

Graduation night!!

Ro was off to “Grad Night” with the rest of her grade…We had dinner with the family afterwards and then Mom, Dad and I went to have a drink at Bravo on the patio. Should we just mark our name on this table?! We love Bravo if you can not tell!


After wishing P good luck on the MCAT (Would you not LOVE to see your cute girlfriend at 7:15 am in her oversized pjs, glasses, hair a mess and zit cream still on her face run up to your car at the testing center to wish you luck… that would completely calm my nerves ;))… I came home to a yummy waffle breakfast with fruit and coffee with my grandparents.

P brought me gorgeous flowers as soon as his test was over and then we went to celebrate all of his hard work with beers and Pita Motz at Keifers… Grilled Chicken Gyros for both of us 😉

We took the longest nap and then date night (FINALLY!!) at Walker’s…I forgot to take pics! Oh well!

We were both so full we each got a desert to go… again, guess which one is mine?! YES! The Big Bear Brownie with got fudge sauce and ice cream!!


Mom and Ro left for her senior trip in Mexico… don’t ask why we were not invited?!!!! And Daddy went to church and left us at home to sleep in so I made Becca and I “healthy french toast” (whole wheat bread dipped in egg whites + splash of almond milk) and top it with a little butter and sugar free syrup + fruit. Rebecca does not like strawberries or blackberries. I can not even believe that we are related considering I will eat any and all fruit in an uncomfortable amount of huge quantities.

For lunch I cooked these Talapia Burgers for Dad, Parker and I and some sweet potato fries on the side. It was so yummy!

P’s lunch!

My lunch!

The rest of the afternoon while Parker packed, I went to lay out with my BFFFF Katie!!

Once he was all packed up, I went to his house! We sat outside for a while and had wine on the porch and P’s mom made his favorite meal for his going away. Red beans and rice, bread, caesar salad, grilled shrimp and sausage! So, so, so delicious. She is the best cook! I went back for more of everything. Of course.

I am going to miss him SO much. And I am really going to miss this sweet face.

Some of you have asked where Parker will be… He is the camp EMT for a Young Life Camp in Saranac Lake, NY. I also worked there two few summers ago and it is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I am SO proud of him and praying nothing too traumatic happens to a camper!!!

After all of the great food this weekend, I am definitely ready to get back on a normal eating routine!!!

I just finished running errands and am about to curl up on the couch and watch some TV and then possibly squeeze in a quick workout?!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday afternoon!


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