WIAW {Where is my appetite?!}

Good morning friends!

Can you believe the week is halfway over? I certainly cant! AND it is time for another WIAW. This one is not too exciting considering I barely had an appetite yesterday. Maybe it was from all the yummy eats over the weekend? I am not sure but I definitely was not my usual hungry monster self.

Thanks Jenn for hosting this, as always!!


Breakfast (7:45 am):

This is my perfect go to breakfast when nothing really sounds all that great.

Slice of 12 grain bread + almond butter + half a banana + blueberries + sprinkle of Chia seeds and a drizzle of honey .

Lunch (1:45 pm):

I did not even eat my morning snack. I really do not know what got into me haha!

Drank a mixed berry green smoothie (frozen berries + half a frozen banana + splash of OJ and water + TONS of spinach + a few dallops of Chobani yogurt) and ate a little energy bite on the side.


I went to get Gumbo because she was moping around that P left. And then I cried. Like really?? What is my problem?! We go weeks without seeing each other ALL the time.

I walked her for about 25 minutes but she was not really feeling the heat. Then I ran to the dentist and came home to finish up my workout.

Remember how I told you all my knee has really been bothering me? Well, for the past week I have really been focusing on resting it. The last time I really ran was when I did the 5K with my family and then tried to do 1 mile with P. Usually I can run much further without it bothering me.

I did an easy 2 mile run and it felt great! Resting it was the best thing for it but I am going to continue to build back up slowly. I walked the 3rd mile and called it a day!

Dinner (6:30pm):

I had originally planned to cook dinner for Dad and I but he had to go to my little sister’s parent class party thing and I walked in from my run with a text from my high school Young Life leader asking to get together! We went to dinner at Majestic Burger and I had my favorite salad there.

Chopped salad with a huge piece of talapia on top. So yummy and I ate every bite.

As always I LOVED catching up with Nenon!

Dessert (8pm):

I came home and had a dark chocolate sugar free Jello pudding and a big ole mug of green tea!!

I got to catch up on the phone with Elizabeth (she is in Chicago!!!!) and I watched some Gossip Girl.

Great day even though I am a huge cry baby!


I am going to continue running my errands and getting organized for DC today. I am getting really excited to go!!!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “WIAW {Where is my appetite?!}

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