Green Pancakes

Happy weekend friends!!!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Anyone have any fun plans?!! Tell me!

After I left you on Thursday, I went to a yummy dinner at sweetgreen (this is quickly becoming my favorite place). We sat outside and enjoyed the gorgeous weather then headed to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Overall, the movie was really well made and we enjoyed it a lot. But it was a little more action and violence packed than I expected!

When I came home, I celebrated National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (these are the kind of pictures that P gets from me… lucky, lucky guy).

Yesterday I had a delicious waffle breakfast and then started my day with a little 35 minute cardio on the treadmill before hitting up a Pilates class. This was a mat-based Pilates class and was my first time to ever go to one like this. I thought it was going to be fairly easy (hence why I ran before class). I was wrong. I mean just WRONG. I will never again “judge an exercise class by its cover.” Now, I am not saying I broke a real big sweat or anything but this class worked every single muscle in my entire body including places I did not even know existed. Parts of my arm hurt today that have never hurt before and my legs are screaming. I will definitely be going back!!

I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and then Cecilia, Nyla and I went to a delicious sushi dinner and fro yo afterwards! It was such a nice night outside and was perfect for walking around. We were lame and stayed in but I was just fine with that!!

Dinner at Chopsticks

This morning I woke up, looked at my phone and it read 5:30 am. Seriously? And I was WIDE awake. UGH. Eventually I fell back asleep until 8:30 and then got up. It’s a good thing I was up earlier than everyone else because I woke up with one thing on my mind: PANCAKES!! Not just any pancakes, GREEN PANCAKES! Can you imagine walking in on your roomate you have known for one solid week and seeing them make spinach pancakes? But I swear you can not taste the spinach and I already have one serving of veggies down for the day.

I got the recipe from STUFT Mama. Expect to see a whole lot more of her recipes in the near future because I literally love every single thing she makes and most of them are for single servings. Because I am cooking for one all summer, that is just perfect for me! Her recipes are all super healthy but they do not taste gross. Since I am such a foodie, you know I am not going to waste my time eating something that tastes like grass and rabbit food.

The only real change I made to the pancakes was I added a few more oats (it called for 2 tbs, I probably added about 3) + (of course) I added my beloved chia seeds + a pinch of xanthum gum for thickening + 1/2 of a ripe banana. What else was in the mix? 1/2 cup egg whites + splash of almond milk + pinch of salt + 1 packet of stevia. I blended everything together and got to cooking my pancakes!

*If you decide to make these, the batter seems really liquidy, its okay.. just pour it in! And make sure you spray nonstick!

I topped them with 1/2 a banana + a few smears of Justins Honey PB + sugar free syrup. Very filling! SO yummy. Okay, enough about my green pancakes. Apparently I am real proud of them 😉

I am off to go for a quick little run and maybe run to the grocery to grab some fruits and veggies for this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

PS: If you have a chance check out this post on Clare’s blog. It is so inspiring and SO true. Something I need to remember everyday!


6 thoughts on “Green Pancakes

  1. The fact that you sent that picture of you with the ice cream to Parker makes me feel so much better about the ones I send to Tyler! Love keeping up with you and your eats, missy! How you eat that healthy, I realllllly don’t know!

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