The World’s Best Dad

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!

When I say I have the world’s best dad, I mean it!

When we were little, it never occurred to me how unusual it was to have a Dad who was around all the time. And when I say all the time, I really mean my Dad was and is present for everything and I feel so lucky and blessed to have the relationship that I do with him.

As I got older, I started to notice that not every Dad…

Learns how to braid hair because Mom couldn’t.

Keeps bobby pins, mascara, lip gloss AND deodrant in their truck to make sure we do not have a meltdown on the car ride to school.

Comes to every.single.thing my sisters and I have even if it means you are the only man in the room at Kappa initation brunch.

Gets their daughter out of class because she has had a bad week and takes her to Oxford for lunch and an afternoon of shopping.

Holds 22 bags and patiently sits on every bench, couch and chair in every store in New York.

Has not bought one thing for himself in years so that we can have new things.

Is there to pick you up when you fall time after time after time.

Sacrifices so much to make sure his girls have every opportunity that comes their way.

Plans his entire life around his wife and his kids.

Sits through every single high school pep rally, without fail.

Calls and texts us all day every day.

Can talk about awkward girl stuff and has made frequent trips “to the drugstore”.

Knows every detail about his girl’s lives (even details he could go his whole life without knowing).

Has let us keep every animal we have ever come home with… we have acquired quite a few over the years.

Puts his family first. Over work, over hobbies, over everything.

Puts himself last.

Makes us laugh so hard with his sarcastic humor we can not see straight.

Pushes you to your fullest potential but always allows room for mistakes.

Takes interest in things we are interested in order to be a part of our lives.

Never lets you give up on yourself.

Sends you an encouraging devotion or bible verse every single morning.

Gives and gives and never asks for anything in return.

Genuinely wants to be your best friend but still is a father at the same time.

Sets an example for the kind of man you want to marry.

Thank you for being the best Daddy in the entire world and thank you for everything you do for us each and everyday!!

I love you with all my heart.


7 thoughts on “The World’s Best Dad

  1. He’s the best .. you three girls are the luckiest girls I know!! Love you… mom..p.s…. this made his day……..:)

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  3. You made me cry…so sweet!! I can’t tell you how much I miss my Daddy. I know this meant so much to him. Thanks for sharing, Holly

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