Marvelous in My Monday: {Full of Randomness}

Hey friends!

Today is my first Marvelous in My Monday! I saw a bunch of my blog friends were doing this and it looks like a super fun way to start the week off. Thanks Katie for hosting this!

So… What is so marvelous right now?

1. Father’s Day was yesterday and I thought about how blessed I am to have the best Daddy ever all day long! See my post here: The Word’s Best Dad

2. Fun girls dinner at Peacock Cafe Friday night (had the same thing I had last time I was there) followed by an interesting night out…

3. Making my Almond Butter French Toast Sandwich GREEN!!

4. Skipping a planned workout to go on a 5 mile walk with sweet new friends around DC to go to the 3 story Forever 21! 🙂 The gym will always still be there tomorrow.

5. Getting this picture from my sister (Rollins) of my favorite girl:

6. FINALLY catching up with my sister (Rebecca) after she has been gone for 3 weeks at Young Life Camp doing work crew!!

7. Wise words from Dove Chocolate

8. Instagram. If you follow me I am lovemintchipamp. I kind of obnoxiously post so sorry about it.

9. Being introduced to the famous “Uncle Julio’s”. It is their favorite place and after hearing about it for a solid 3 weeks I finally was taken for the experience. Yes, we took the metro to Rosslyn, VA for good mexican food. Yes, I ate a basket of chips. Yes, I ate 6 buttery, warm yummy tortillas. Yes, I was so full I could hardly move.

10. Baking on Sunday 🙂 Just a sneak peak… I will share the recipe soon because it’s a surprise!

11. Sunday morning yoga to start the week on a great foot.

12. Homemade Sunday night dinner (apparently one night of mexican wasn’t enough).

13. My new Recipes page that I added… I am really excited to get cranking on this!

14. Going to work today!! I love my job 🙂

15. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


12 thoughts on “Marvelous in My Monday: {Full of Randomness}

  1. Hello!

    OK I adore YOUR blog!!!! Mint chocolate chip is my ALL time favorite ice cream, so your blog makes me very happy!

    I am so glad you heard about MIMM and joined in!

    The forever 21 in DC is awesome, was just there a couple weeks ago! I used to live in the DC area 🙂

    Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. 1. I am in love with the name of your blog. Mint Chocolate Chip = my favorite ice cream of all time.

    2. Looks like you have been having the most amazing time ever. 3 story forever21 I am totally jealous. That sounds like pure heaven to me. That french toast is drool worthy. You should make it for me.

    3. I can’t wait to see that recipe for whatever you are baking because it looks YUMMY. I love to bake, and I wish I had more time to right now 😦

    4. So glad I found your blog!!!!!

    Sorry I love lists lol

  3. Ann,

    I absolutely love reading each of your posts! And I actually did read every word…I know in a previous post you were doubting people were reading..I’m hooked 🙂 Very yummy looking stuff and positive feel! Love it!


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