Linked Up Thursday

1. Do you love yogurt as much as me?!! I can not get enough of the stuff. Check out this article: Why You Should Eat Yogurt.

2. Love your weekend workouts?! ME too! You have more time, it is more relaxed and let’s not forget to mention you have more time to prepare a yummy breakfast for refueling. Here are 8 ways to Get More Out of Your Weekend Workouts.

3. Only have 10 minutes? 10 is better than nothing. Try this 10 minute total body workout.

4. Not really hungry but need a summery treat? Story of my life. Here are 8 poolside treats under 80 calories.

5. If you are in a food rut and need some ideas for a healthy, easy dinner, check out Giada’s Easy Weeknight Meals. PS…. P is not one to usually talk about how pretty he thinks someone is but he would break up with me in less than a second for her. He calls her his girlfriend and ABSOLUTELY is in love with her! Maybe if I fix a few of her meals for him I will start to look like her….? It’s worth a try 😉

6. It took me a long time before I figured out how to exactly shop in the grocery store. Many of you know I LOVE going to the grocery store, but it took me a while to find this love because I would go and get a whole bunch of random stuff that I did not know what to do with. Read Learn How to Shop Healthy at the Grocery Store for tips!

7. I do not know about you and your man, but as I have mentioned many times on this blog, P and I LOVE to eat together and especially cook together whenever we get a chance. However, sometimes we run into a slight issue. He LOVES his meat and potatoes but doesn’t really care if we have veggies or not. I found these recipes from Bobby Flay (P could eat all his meals all day every day) that seem like stuff we could eat together with a few tweaks for him and me. If your guy is anything like P, a good meal is definitely the way to his heart (like a good dessert is the way to mine;) Surprise your guy with a Bobby Flay homecooked meal this weekend.

8. And in case you like to cook with a beverage glued to in your hand, here is an interesting twist on some “Cocktails for Grilling.”

9. You did not honestly think I was going to leave you guys without a dessert recipe did you? Come on, you know me better than that! I want this Mint Oreo Cake. Now. The only problem is since I am cooking for one I would have to eat the whole thing… and that would most likely happen in one sitting. I am waiting to “make it for Parker” so we can split it.

10. And for goodness sake, pair that cake with some homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Happy Thursday friends!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Linked Up Thursday

  1. I don’t know where to begin; all of these links sound intriguing! I think I’ll start with Giada’s Weeknight Meals though. I have a major girl crush on her, and absolutely LOVE her recipes. I own all of her cookbooks except the newest one, and have never made anything from them that wasn’t short of fabulous. She’s pretty amazing!

    And mint oreo cake?! Ahh. Such temptation! ❤

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