MIMM Take 2

Well hey there cutie pies!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great and I am glad to hear you that many of you enjoyed my little Linked Up Thursday and my Reeses Filled-M&M-Reeses Pieces-Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

I know it is late in the day, but I wanted to join in on the fun for Marvelous in My Monday.

Thanks Katie for hosting this!

What is so marvelous right now?!

1. I had a GREAT weekend in Jacksonville at the Kappa convention. I was kinda bummed to leave DC but I ended up having a blast. Jamaica (our advisor) Rebecca, Ashley and I had so much fun together and met some really cute girls. I did not get too many pics but here is what I have:

2. The new “Fashion page” was updated again 🙂

3. Chocolate. Because I mean you know everything is always, always better with chocolate.

4. SweetGreen frozen yogurt. My roomies have me addicted to the tart stuff and I had this for the first time last night. Wow. SO good and I didn’t even feel like I was eating dessert because it just tastes good for you 😉

5. Waffles in bed on Monday morning.

Oh wait my friends, this is not as cute and peachy as you are thinking. I woke up really wanting breakfast in bed and since my Prince Charming is SO far away… I had to fetch it for myself. Well this was a bit of a disaster because the first go round I had my whole little breakfast all made… waffles in one hand, coffee and water in the other and syrup under my chin. As I reached the top stair… everything exploded. The steaming hot coffee burnt my face UGH. I refused to let this start my Monday on the wrong foot.. so I went and made a new little breakfast… got all cozy in bed with my laptop, and my coffee spilt ALL over my bed. Definitely not my most stellar morning.

6. Kappa Kupcakes. Come on, you know these are cute.

7. A yummy recipe coming your way tomorrow that looks a little something like this…..

8. Getting back to feeling like myself. After a few days of covention food (I am talking multiple desserts, tons of bread and butter, etc. etc. etc.) combined with barely any exercise, I was feeling a little gross yesterday morning. I am not going to starve myself the day after a few days of indulgence, so do I do to get back on track? Wake up, go for a nice little run, shower and put on some makeup with a cute outfit, drink some coffee, eat a healthy breakfast and remind myself that eating poorly for 72 hours has never killed anyone.

9. My lunch today. Tell me you don’t get excited to eat your packed lunch? An amazing combination of fresh flavor.

Refreshing Summer Turkey Salad



2 slices of deli turkey

Feta cheese


Fat Free Balsamic Vinagerette

Mix everything together (however much you want!!) And I enjoyed mine with a side of Kashi Crackers.

10. Stopping my car this morning to take a picture of this dog. Parker if you can hear me THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I promise you guys that this picture does not do it justice. This dog was the hugest (a word?!!), most precious, cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. It was almost the size of a small pony. No really.

11. Still getting a million butterflies in my stomach when I wake up with sweet long texts 😉

12. Knowing at the end of the day… it doesn’t matter how far away we are… my sisters and I will always have each other’s backs 😉


*How do you get back on track after over indulging for a few days???

*Did anyone have anything fun going on this weekend?


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