Mexican and Asian Cravings Be Gone

Hey friends!

Okay, does anyone else just get a hankering for a certain type of food? Like I-can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head kind of craving? Well, I have been like that for weeks. I think I am really missing my Big D Mexican food (and drinks) and as far as the stir fry goes, I think I just read entirely too many food blogs.

For the past two Sundays I have woken up with one thing on my mind: fajitas. Not one to not cave into my cravings… I decided to whip some up on my own!

Also… ever since I saw THIS recipe on Jenn’s blog, I have not stopped thinking about it. I have really been craving hibachi fried rice but since my stomach usually feels like it is going to explode after I eat it, I knew I needed to make it a little bit healthier! I have been going over it in my head on how to put a little twist to make it for myself and use up some veggies.

These were both delicious meals and since I am on a budget for the summer, I would estimate each meal cost less than $2. Also, these are both meals I would double to make for P. They taste delectable for any taste buds and I promise no one will even be able to tell they are eating clean.

Healthified Chicken Fajitas for One


3 Chicken Tenders

Bell peppers and onions (I bought a frozen bag of these mixed)


Fat-free Sour Cream

Taco Seasoning

Whole Wheat torillas


1. I first marinated my chicken strips in Worchestire sauce, a little soy sauce, salt, pepper and taco seasoning (not a lot because I do not like spicy.

2. Since my bell peppers and onions were frozen, I cooked them in the skillet first in a tsp of olive oil, then added in the kale.

3. Once the veggies were done, I put them on a plate and added my chicken (cut up into small pieces) into the skillet and cooked for about 4-5 minutes.

4. Then I added the veggies back in (I like my veggies really soft) to cook with the chicken in the skillet.

5. I heated my two wheat tortillas in the microwave for 20 seconds and spread fat free sour cream on them.

6. I put my hot chicken and fajita veggies right on top of the tortillas. A Mexican feast for one hungry girl!!

*Love Mint Chip Tip:

If only I had made a margarita to go with all of this…..

I made these a second time with shrimp AND chicken… 🙂

Protein Packed Quinoa Stir “Fried Rice”


Source of protein (I used salmon, but I think chicken or shrimp would be heavenly)

1/4 cup quinoa

A TON of veggies (I used peas, edamame, corn and carrots)

Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

Egg Whites

Salt and Pepper

2 tsp of olive oil


1. I started to cook my quinoa since I figured this would take the longest. Follow the instructions on the box. I have found that to get the fluffiest quinoa, keep stirring it and adding water (it soaks up all the water). This just seems to give it that “rice” like texture. Also, while cooking add salt and pepper so the quinoa soaks up a lot of flavor.

2. I put about a tsp of olive oil in a skillet. Then I cut up some carrots that were on there last leg, frozen peas, corn and edamame and threw them all in the skillet. I drizzled some soy sauce on the veggies and added salt and pepper.

3. Once the veggies were done, I moved them aside and sauteed my salmon (seasoned with salt, pepper, drizzle of soy).

4. When the salmon was almost done, I added a splash (however much you want!) of egg whites to the pan.

5. Add everything together, put some soy sauce on top of everything.

6. Done! Served it steaming hot. Delicious. Amazing flavor.


These both made a lot of food but were great, not overly filling dinners!! Protein. Check. Complex Carbs. Check. Vegetables. Check, check and check. Tasty. Check. Mexican and Asian cravings be gone. Check. For a few days at least.



8 thoughts on “Mexican and Asian Cravings Be Gone

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  2. Not everyone has all perfect days, I agree. I have my ups and downs. But I also know happiness is a choice and sometimes it’s a harder choice then others.

    Pop chips and Skinny Cows are my favorite! 🙂

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  4. Heyy sweet Anne McCaslin!! I’ve just started following you cute blog and I looove it! I’m going to start trying your workouts and meals to help me slim down for Jodys wedding 😉 My mom and I are making your shrimp “fried” quinoa tomorrow!!

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