MIMM: {Weekend in Chicago}

Hey friends!

Happy Marvelous Monday!! (Thank you Katie for hosting this!)

You may remember me briefly mentioning I was going to Chicago this weekend with my family. It was totally a spur of the moment decision and planned last minute. My grandmother and her best friend planned a trip a while back for both of the families to go to Chicago but I did not think I would be able to go. I ended up booking a flight last Monday and I am SO glad I did. It was such a fun basically 36 hours and it was my first time to see Chicago.

What was so “marvelous” about my trip?!!

1. Spending time with my family!!

We missed you Ro and P!!!

Both at Young Life!! P in NY and Ro in AZ

2. I got to see my bestie!!!!!! I wish there were more weeks in the summer and I could go back just to visit her so we could have spent ooodle amounts of time together. BUT I am so thankful for the time I did get to see her! Not to mention we both agree that we may have had the best desert we have ever eaten in our whole lives…

3. Our boat tour. Since I was not there for very long, this was a perfect way for me to see a good chunk of the city in 2 hours. It was so much more fun that I expected and it was beautiful.

Ju Ju and May May

4. Million Dollar Quartet and the fireworks at Navy Pier. We went to see a GREAT musical on Saturday night at the cutest little shoebox theater. It was AMAZING! Following the show, we went to watch the fireworks at Navy Pier which was a blast!!

5. Shopping! We did not have too much time, but managed to purchase quite a few things in a few short hours 😉 Elizabeth came and met mom, dad and I and we went shopping around while the rest of the crew was sightseeing. We made sure to hit up the American Girl Doll store. I have wanted to see this for my whole life and it made me want to be a little girl again. EXCEPT… they have “archived” AKA discontinued our two favorite dolls: Samantha and Felicity (Kirsten was discontinued too…) This was quite devastating and we may or may not have had a moment of remembrance in the middle of the store….

Where are Samantha and Felicity?

6. The food. I mean you guys know I LOVE to eat and we had some awesome meals!

The first night we all (and Elizabeth!!) went to eat at Gibson’s steakhouse. It was delicious. I was not much in the mood for steak but the salmon was incredible. We loved it!

A fun tidbit: Our waiter is known as the “$4,000 tip waiter” in Chicago. Johnny Depp tipped him $4,000!!

$4,000 tip waiter!!


Of COURSE we had to eat Chicago deep dish pizza!! Saturday we went to Lou Malnati’s after our boat tour. I was STARVING (no, really) and ended up eating so much pizza, appetizers, salad, etc. I thought I was going to pop. So worth it!!

Excited for my pizza!

Just treating myself to some mint chip gelato 🙂

Before I left for the airport we went to eat breakfast at Yolk. This place was quite happening and popular. It was the best breakfast I have ever had HANDS down.

I ordered the egg whites + wheat toast + fruit + strawberry jelly. I ordered “Banana Blue Crunch Cakes” for the table (I ended up clearing the plate) and oh.my.gosh. HEAVEN!!

They describe these as: “Our multigrain batter loaded with granola and fresh blueberries…topped with bananas and drizzled with HONEY.” Is your mouth watering yet?!

8.I was so sad to leave. My family stayed yesterday but I had to get back for work!!

9.Thank you so much JuJu for such a great trip!! Everything was absolutely perfect and we had a blast. SO lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother who takes us to do such fun things 🙂 I love you!!!

Judy having tea at The Drake!

What is marvelous in your life right now?? I want to know… tell me!!

Have a great day cute friends!

12 thoughts on “MIMM: {Weekend in Chicago}

  1. Anne! You make me miss chicago! love it there and so glad you had a great trip! Gibsons is amazing, have been there a few times! I heard there was a waiter that got tipped BIG from Johnny Depp, cool he was your waiter!

    So glad you had a fabulous time!

  2. Your weekend in Chicago sounds like it truly WAS marvelous! I’m so happy you were able to explore the city with your family–what fun! I’ve always dreamed of going to the American Girl store too. Kirsten was my first doll (Santa gave her to me when I was four, way back in 1990! At the time, there were only three dolls: Kirsten, Samantha and Molly!), and then I collected Molly, Felicity and a look-like-me doll in the following years. I read every doll’s books six times over. Yep, pretty much obsessed! In college, I’d get so excited when I’d babysit for girls who loved them as much as I used to.

    Anywaaaays…the salmon, pizza, blue crunch cakes and gelato look uh-maaazing! So glad you enjoyed them!

    Hugs ❤

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