Travel Snack I Always Carry


You may have noticed that my blog is now its own domain!! WOOHOO!

I hope you guys are having a great start to the week and are super excited for the holiday tomorrow. Since I went to Chicago this past weekend and I figured a few of you may be going out of town for the 4th, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to show you guys the snacks I travel with.

Obviously, depending on how long I will be gone depends on how much food I take (and whether I am driving or flying). Usually when I am on vacation, I will eat whatever I want but if I am starving in between meals I like having emergency options for when the hunger beast strikes.

{Note: This drives my boyfriend CRAZYYYYY. So, I usually condense the amount of snacks I bring while on vacation with P because I never want my bizarre eating habits to interfere with his mood ;)}

1. Nuts. Usually I like to pack mixed nuts but I always make sure to have almonds. Nuts hold me over so much and have a ton of staying power. Full of protein, healthy fats, etc.

2. Bars. Yes, you may be thinking “they are processed and have a ton of additives” but they are much better than what you could eat for grab-and-go. Just try to make sure they are fairly low in sugar, ingredients (LaraBars only have 5, and have more than 4g of protein and fiber for substance.{Kind, ThinkThin, LaraBars, Kashi, Clif and Luna bars are my favorite.}

3. Dark Chocolate. Because my sweet tooth is out of control and it usually only takes a tiny bit of dark chocolate to kick that to the curb. {Dove squares or one giant bar which I will just break pieces off of.}

4. Sweetener.Β {Truvia or Stevia}. A lot of hotels/ restraunts only have regular sugar or splenda/ sweet n low which gives me a horrible headache so I always have this with me so I can use it in my coffee, tea, etc.

5. Justin’s peanut butter packets. I love these things. Perfect for topping on a bagel if you grab a quick breakfast or with any kind of fruit (apple, banana, etc.). Tons of protein and keep me full for hours.

LoveMintChip Tips:

*Don’t be afraid to pack a lunch to take with you! Airport food is entirely to expensive and if you are traveling on the road, this will keep you from having to get a fast food meal. A turkey or pb sandwhich with fruit + popchips is perfect!!

*Grab a green tea from Starbuck’s and sip on it while you enjoy your little snack! πŸ™‚

I hope this gives you an idea of a few things to pack with you so that you always have a healthy, yummy snack!

Happy Tuesday!!


7 thoughts on “Travel Snack I Always Carry

  1. What an awesome post. I love travel snacks. It keeps you eating healthy while being surrounding by bad and expensive food. My go to snack is bars because it is light to carry and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I went to Israel this past winter and I brought a lot of Think Thin and larabars with me to munch on during our long bus rides and flights. Everyone was jealous.

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