WIAW: {Happy Birthday America}

Happy 4th of July friends!

I hope most of you are able to relax today and spend our country’s birthday celebrating however you please!I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling blessed. Blessed to live in a country where I can go about life as I please. Blessed that I can choose my God to pray to, what I want to wear, what I want to eat and drink, and most of all to live in a country where I can make all of my own decisions independently. Today I challenge you to put aside all of your political views and remember that we are first and foremost Americans. AND I want to offer a big THANK YOU to all the men and women who serve our country to make this possible.

{Ok, little rant over. Clearly I have been spending to much time around politics…}

Since it is Wednesday, I have a quick WIAW post from yesterday’s eats and then I am off to squeeze in a quick workout before the celebration begins. And what better place to be celebrating than in our nation’s capital!?

This month’s WIAW is focusing on fitness! Woohoo! I shared a little bit of my goals with you all last week (I plan on doing a recap of how it is going in the next few days) if you want to check that post out. As always, thank you Jenn for hosting this!

Patriotic Breakfast:

1 Van’s wholegrain waffle topped with Justins Honey PB + 1/2 banana + strawberries+ blueberries + 1 tsp chia seeds. And coffee, obviously.


WELL, I thought all the interns were going to go to Panera so I did not make my lunch. Long story short we did not end up going so I had to find something I could work with in the NBC cafeteria. I grabbed a chef salad and ended up eating the turkey and ham + half the cheese + the slice of avocado + tomato and just took everything else off (Does anyone else HATE cold bacon?!! Yicccckkkk). This did nothing for me and kept me full for oh… 20 minutes?! Haha but it was the best I could do.

Afternoon snack:

The ice cream truck decided to pay a visit to NBC yesterday for a July 4th treat! Free ice cream + hanging with intern friends + celebrating it almost being a holiday + starving Anne > passing the ice cream up. Haha no but seriously… I know that this was not the best decision I have ever made but has one little 240 calorie ice cream cone ever killed anyone? Nope. And I loved every single bite!


I have had my eye on this recipe from Courtney for quite some time. Tortillas + chicken + sweet potato + spinach?!! Sounds delicious to me. Unfortunately, I was a hungry little beast so I did not have time to make mine as fancy as hers was. But I still went with the basic combination.

I sauteed some chicken (Salt, pepper, worcestershire) and steamed some frozen cubed sweet potatoes. I also decided to throw in some mushrooms with the chicken for a little something extra. At the last minute, I threw in about 2-3 cups of spinach to wilt (yes, I go through 2 XL bags of spinach a week). Then, I heated up a little skillet with some olive oil spray and stuffed my tortilla with all the goods. I let this cook for like a minute on each side. It was kinda overflowing 😉

Ya’ll… look at the stats on these TJ’s whole wheat tortillas!!

Yes, I in fact CAN read an ingredient list and I know the first one is water and there are a good amount of ingredients BUT… can you really get a tortilla that is this yummy for these kind of stats (45 calories, 10g carbs, 7g fiber and 4g protein)? No. And these tortillas are so soft, ooey and gooooeeeyyyyy.

I melted 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese and 1 tbsp of fat free sour cream with a sprinkle of salt and pepper so my quesadilla would have a a little dippage (a word?!) action.

The combination of flavor in this dinner was great! Served with a side of fruit (because I did not get my usual 27182718721092 servings of fruit on this particular day. Loved it. Super easy dinner.


Sugarfree Dark Chocolate Jello Pudding. Love these darn things!

I poured a glass of red wine with EVERY intention of going out. I got all the way ready, drank 2 baby sips and then it started raining, thundering AND lightening. If any of my friends are reading they will tell you, I DO NOT do bad weather. I hate the cold and I hate the rain. I’m not scared of it, I just find it perfectly miserable especially in a cute little outfit and heels.

I was quickly washing my face and in my giant t-shirt, boxers and glasses (I know, sexy!!!!!).


In lieu with the theme, after I finished breakfast (I woke up too hungry to go before) I took my self out to the pavement and did a 3.6 mile power walk before work! It was great and the weather was awesome. I love this view at the waterfront!

I have not shared this with you guys but I have a really bad hip click that acts up sometimes (my mom has it too and I have had it for as long as I can remember). I have no idea what causes it but the only way it feels better is by walking. Running makes it hurt pretty terribly so I am hoping it goes away in the next few days. Sometimes it stays for a week and sometimes it stays for a day. UGH!

{Note: it is gone TODAY!!!!}

Since part of my action plan is walking an extra 1-2 miles a day, after work I ran a bunch of errands and estimate I walked around 1.5 miles… (okay it was because I HAD to go to 2 liquor stores looking for something but a walk is a walk :))


Off to get my sweat on lbefore I consume my body weight in liquid calories…. HAVE A GREAT, SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July!!

Any fun plans?!!! Share them with me!

PS… The Fashion Page was updated yesterday with work and chicago wear.


14 thoughts on “WIAW: {Happy Birthday America}

  1. I love this patriotic breakfast! So festive and healthy! Ps- totally love your blog name…I am a fellow mint choco chip lover myself! Happy 4th and WIAW! 🙂

  2. I can’t run, either, and haven’t been able to in over a year because of knee issues 😦 Walking is a nice sub though! And haha, no worries about the America koolaid – I get like that, too, whenever I’m interning in DC. God bless America! 🙂 Your breakfast looks delicious and yeah, salads don’t keep me full for long, either. But I totally disagree about your afternoon snack – I think that was the best choice! Health shouldn’t get in the way of living and that ice cream is a great part of your nutritionally balanced day. Orthorexia isn’t a good look, even though a lot of blogs act like ‘clean eating’ is the ideal. Props to you – I’m starting to like mint chocolate chip, too, but I love oreo. What happened to Edy’s Loaded????

  3. Oh man I’m definitely going to have to get some of those tortillas when I hit up TJs in Boston in August. I seriously love the ice cream truck. When I lived in Boston, we had one that would come to our neighborhood, which was actually really smart since it was a bunch of college students, and they served root beer floats and awesome things. Perfect days with ice cream.

  4. That’s so funny you said that about going out when it rains and I’m the EXACT same way! You get wet, you’re hair looks like a wet dog, slippy floors..no thanks! TJ’s is just the best out there-so cheap yet healthy!

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