4th of July Fun + LoveMintChip Skinny Margs

Hey friends!!

How was your 4th?!! SO much fun?!!

I hope that you all had a great day. When I left you yesterday, I was about to go do a little workout. I had better things to do than spend my 4th of July in the gym so I gave myself 2o minutes and did a super quick little workout and worked up quite a good sweat. I am going to share it with you tomorrow! (I know you guys will all be waiting in much suspense ;))

Speaking of sweat, Katelyn is doing a Eat Clean Sweat Dirty challenge right now. She is the stinking cutest thing I have ever seen! And what better way to keep myself on track with my action plan than to join in on hers?!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lovemintchipamp) and see #eatcleansweatdirty… that is what it is for!

Back to yesterday… I came home and fixed a quick lunch. I will definitely be giving you the recipe soon for this yummy egg white omelet that was FULL of flavor. After  lunch I got ready super fast and came downstairs so find quite the little crew over at our house!

I was craving margaritas and after researching a few recipes, I just decided to whip out the blender and create my own. Man these were SO good and they make a good amount (you could half this recipe if it is just 2-4 of you). We made strawberry and mango.Perfect summer treat!

A few of these were also consumed yesterday… and a vodka soda at Red, White and Boom (a 4th of July thing we went to yesterday afternoon).

I really do send him as many selfies as I tell you guys that I do…….

Too much fun!

The night ended with some french fries from this little sandwich place who makes the most amazing potato wedge fries and oreos. OOPS!!!!! [Action plan questions: it was a holiday!!! duh!! 80/20… will just eat super clean today!]

This morning I got up and was surprisingly ready to run. So I headed out for a great 4 mile run before work.

How was your 4th of July?!! Anyone do anything fun??

Have a great Thursday. Almost the weekend!


5 thoughts on “4th of July Fun + LoveMintChip Skinny Margs

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day! I’m completely jealous of all your drinks… drinking in kuwait is illegal 😦 It truly is a terrible thing, esp. when you wanna go all out and celebrate days like yesterady!!!

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