Fitness Friday

Happy Friday friends!!!

Do you ever just have better things to do than be in the gym?! I know I certainly do and this week on the 4th was one of them. Try this little 20 minute routine. It is not so hard that you will feel dead afterwards, but it is a great way to bust out 20 minutes in no time and work up a little sweat.

Adjust the speeds to fit YOU and YOUR needs šŸ™‚ What is a sprint to me on my short legs is a jog for some of my friends blessed with long ones! You could also do this with walking if running is not your style.

If you want just aĀ  little just “extra sweat” right at the end of your workout try this to end your workout with a bang. The other day I had a great strength training session but just wanted to get my heart rate up for a few minutes so I did this 3 times. Perfect way to round out a workout!

Both are quick, easy and effective.

If you try it, let me know what you think!!!

What are you guys doing this weekend? Fun plans? Any new workout routines you want to share??


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