Fitness Friday

Hello friends!

So while I am en route to Saranac Lake, NY to see P… I thought it would be fun to put together something a little different for you guys.

Earlier in the week, my friends over at Beach Body reached out to me and sent me a few of their programs to review and share with ya.

*Just so you know, this is not “advertising” for them and this post is 100% my opinion!

I love Beach Body. I think they have some really great products and if money grew on trees, I would buy more. At the beginning of this blog in January, I was just finishing up one of their most popular, P90X.

Here are the programs I chose to review and talk about with you all:

1. P90X: I had a great experience with the program. Although I did not come out of it looking like a fitness model (haha), I could tell a HUGE difference in my strength and endurance and it was a nice break from cardio. I tend to get into cardio ruts and this program was a great way to break out of that. With that said, I MISSED running and my yoga. I like weights but not as much as I like running and yoga. I know P90X has yoga once a week, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that while I usually look so forward to doing yoga, the P90X is not my personal favorite. But I know some people love it, that is just my opinion! I really loved the Plyometrics day… it never failed to kick my butt.

However, my overall appearance did not change that much. I did not do it to lose weight or get ripped, but I was kinda dissapointed I didn’t look all that much different. I did not follow the diet which probably has a lot to do with it. Why did I not follow the diet? It just wasn’t for me. I kinda do my own thing anyways and don’t really like “diets”. It was too much to think about but I am sure following the diet produces the maximum physical results.

Needless to say, P90X was a great 90 days of breaking out of my usual exercise habits. Never hurts to keep your body guessing!

2. Insanity: I am DYING to try this. I have heard nothing but great things about this. Because I know my body and what level it is able to perform at, I do not think I could do this everyday but I think it would be an amazing workout to incorporate 1-2 times a week.

3. Ultimate Reset Cleanse: I have not tried this either but read a lot about it. I am not much of a “cleanse” person and I do not intend to try this, however, if you are looking for a way to kind of “reset” your system, this sounds like a great one. It does not seem like the typical cleanse and along with the 6 essential supplements of the cleanse, you receive a full cook book of recipes to make during the 21 days. You also eat 3 meals a day so it is not a starvation cleanse. May be worth a shot if you are looking to totally “re-boot.” However, a diet filled with clean eats and a lot of fruits and veggies is the best cleanse for me 🙂

Thanks again Beach Body for contacting me! Hope you guys enjoyed this little review!

Have a great Friday. See you on Monday!

What beach body programs have tried? What workout are you doing today/this weekend????!!?


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